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From the new, undeveloped Studio “C”, Marshall and “That Guy” Jeff, bring a jam packed episode of the winnipegwhiteout.com Jets Hockey Podcast. Lots of laughs, predictions and random news ensue. This show we talk about the Winnipeg Jets and of course St. John’s IceCaps and Colorado Eagles.

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Today’s episode talked about a lot of topics:

  • Winnipeg Jets News
    • Game recaps & upcoming predictions
    • Discussion ensues whether the Jets will make the playoffs this season or whether they shouldn’t even try
    • Jacob Trouba and thoughts on playing with the team this year
    • Development concepts of the team and udder disappointment of no trades
    • hot-jets-girlThe “Jets babe” photo that went viral (and how much trouble did the man get in back home)
  • St. John’s IceCaps & Colorado Eagles updates
  • NHL News
    • Tread deadline deals and the deals that weren’t done
    • Pittsburgh Penguins and Chicago Blackhawks have locked up a playoff spot
    • Brief discussion ensues on whether the NHL players will make it to the Olympics next year and how Canada likely will perform
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  • And of course, a lot of rambling

Game predictions

Just like last season, Jeff and Marshall will be predicting the games ahead.

  • Jeff (14-26): Winnipeg will lose both games this week hosting Buffalo and Florida
  • Marshall (16-24): Jets will win hosting the Sabres and Panthers at the Hangar in Winnipeg, if not only because they mus win
Tune in Monday, April 15 to see how well we predicted and for a look at the next group of upcoming games.
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