DHS 8: Live from Shannon’s Irish Pub

A new format for the Drunk Hockey Show with a more structured format. Host “that drunk guy” Jeff Stevenson (@WWoJeff) decided it was time to do the show live, in person and on location so we took to Shannon’s Irish Pub & Eatery. Jeff was joined by long-time DHS guests Ezra Ginsburg (@ICEzzyG) and Holly Bausman (@HollyMonster97) with a special appearance from TJ Connors (@TJConnorsTweets)

In all likelihood you missed the pre-game where some fun was had including attempting to make some drunk dials to Mike Bossy. Where was Marshall Stevenson (@spryd) you might ask, well he was there producing and chimed in every so often but he wasn’t really drinking…until after the show.

There shockingly was a lot of alcohol consumed by everyone, but there’s no clue how much (unless you watch the video and count). Thanks to Sleeman’s and Wisers Spiced Rum, the drinks kept coming all night long. Of course, all the guests were sporting new threads from the Drunk Hockey Show shop by Offside Gear.

In the first period we talked about the Men’s Olympic Hockey team – who was there, who wasn’t, expected finishing, etc.

Then the second period was all about the women. Talk of the CWHL, Women’s Olympic Hockey team and the talk of women in sport.

The third, and thankfully final period’s topic of discussion, was the homer topic – the Winnipeg Jets.

The pre-game housed The Drunk Tank — a quick fire question trivia segment where Marshall gets to make Jeff look even stupider.

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Complete video of the entire episode can be watched below. The show starts at the 41:30 mark.

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