DHS 7: I’m afraid of hot dogs now

A new format for the Drunk Hockey Show with a more structured format. Co-host “that drunk guy” Jeff Stevenson (@WWoJeff) took the first few minutes to explain. In all likelihood you missed the pre-game where a lot of challenge and fun was had. And shockingly, there were no technical issues with this which is very interesting since there was a distinctive studio change. In the new undeveloped studio “C” was Marshall Stevenson (@spryd) and Jeff was at the new studio “D”…his preferred size.

There shockingly wasn’t a lot of alcohol consumed by the two guys, but hot dogs were in abundance. Of course, Marshall was sporting new threads from the Drunk Hockey Show shop by Offside Gear.

In the first period we talked about the trade deadline – who were the winners and who were the losers.

Intermission saw the play-by-play call of Timbit hockey

Then the second period took a look at the NHL playoff race including who will hoist the cup and how many games it will take. It should be interesting come June to see where the guys net out on their picks.

Second intermission was a failed drunk dial as it was all about voicemail. Of course, that’s only because you NEED TO ASK FOR A DRUNK-DIAL or nominate a friend.

The third, and thankfully final period’s topic of discussion was why the guys love hockey. It was an obvious discussion around DNA, being Canadian, drinking and more.

At the end of the show came Jeff’s reluctant “Go Wings Go” chant as he clearly lost in the hot dog consumption. Marshall managed to swallow 10 while Jeff a pathetic 6. Wonder why the hot dogs were a thing? That all happened in the pre-game.

The pre-game housed The Drunk Tank — a quick fire question trivia segment where Marshall gets to make Jeff look even stupider. For a list of the questions and answers, scroll down.

At the end of the show, the beer count was pathetic when compared to previous shows.

Jeff drank 5 beers over Marshall’s 4. Someone clearly still needs to teach Marshall how to drink!

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The Drunk Tank

Q: Who preceded Gary Bettman as President of the NHL?
A: Gil Stein (1992-1993), – John Ziegler (1977-1992), Clarence Campbell (1946-1977), Red Dutton (1943-1946), Frank Calder (1917-1943)

Q: Total number of teams in 2012 in (NHL affiliated North American leagues) CHL, ECHL, SPHL, AHL, USHL & NHL leagues?
A: CHL:10 | ECHL: 23 | SPHL: 9 | AHL: 30 | USHL: 16 | NHL: 30 || TOTAL – 118 teams

Complete video of the entire episode can be watched below. The show starts at the 42:07 mark.

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