DHS 5: Fantasy Draft

It was a departure from the “norm” today on a special edition of the Drunk Hockey Show as the private Fantasy Draft took place amongst eight, highly competitive guys.

In the studio of course was Marshall Stevenson (@spryd) behind the board and co-host “that drunk guy” Jeff Stevenson (@WWoJeff). Joining the guys was Ezra Ginsburg (@ICEzzyG), who was on the first episode, Andrew “Hustler” Patterson (@hustlerama) from TSN 1290 in Winnipeg, Jeff Palson (@jaykaypee14) from episode three and Jets Hockey Podcast friend Jon Varga (@capncheese24) hailing from Las Vegas. Absent from the live draft was funny man Constantine Gamvrelis (@JETSxoxo) and fan winner Marc.

The shocker of the draft was two-fold with Marshall picking his rookie with his 1st round pick (4th overall) of Winnipeg Jets forward Mark Scheifele. This left Ezra with the “no-brainer” pick of Penguins captain Sydney Crosby going 6th overall. Twitter definitely lit up over that one.

While the beers were being consumed, it definitely wasn’t to the same level as a typical show. It meant we skipped the classic boat race, drunk dial and of course the drunk tank trivia. Have no fear, we’ll be back with a “normal” show on Tuesday, February 12 at 7:00 MT.

Our feedback line is available 24×7 at 855.321.5387 so feel free to call any time. And of course be sure to mark Tuesday, February 12, 2013 on your calendars for the next episode of Drunk Hockey Show coming at you live. And be sure to contact us to let us know if you’d like to be a guest on an upcoming episode.

Complete video of the entire episode can be watched below.

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