DHS 4: I love you, but you’re such a bitch

It’s the day after and the hangover is pounding. It was a fun time on the Drunk Hockey Show with Holly Bausman (@HollyMonster97) from Winnipeg’s Power 97 radio station. Back in the studio was Marshall Stevenson (@spryd) and co-host “that drunk guy” Jeff Stevenson (@WWoJeff).

It was a jam packed episode complete with a lot of alcohol consumed by the three personalities. It was to be our first “ladies night” and in what typically happens in reality, the ladies didn’t all show. We were set to have the founder of thepinkpuck.com Winter Adams on the show again, but I guess she forgot — these things happen.

We tried to talk about the different ways that women show their support for hockey and it started to get a little ugly. That was of course until we mentioned JerseyMods — where real, official jerseys are transformed into much more flattering outfits for the ladies. Check out some of the photos on Facebook of the custom creations. Each one is a custom job, so give her some time to get your customized ladies jersey — and tell her you found out about her on the Drunk Hockey Show.

Next on the list was talk of the World Juniors and the lack of output by Team Canada and the impressive results of Team USA. The conversation went in to a lot of talk about codling kids these days — everyone gets a participation ribbon, which does nothing to promote competition. It got a little heated, and even our live listeners got in on the action on Twitter. Long time friend of the Jets Hockey Podcast, Jon Varga (@capncheese24) tried to give us a call, but as usual our phone lines weren’t working properly. It always seems to be something — but hey, we’re not professionals here!

Then of course came the big topic we figured we’d talk about — the return of the NHL. How will fans react? How the revised game schedule and travel will impact teams and of course, the effect the lockout will have on small market teams. It wasn’t a surprise this took up a lot of time and conversation.

Of course our drunk dial was just as fun setting it up as it was trying to make it. We had targeted our caller from last show, Stephanie. There was unfortunately no answer initially, but we left a voicemail and she bit. A call back a short while later and the prank was on — until she realized she was the one being drunk dialed.

Speaking of the drunk dial, if you’d like to be the recipient of a dial on an upcoming show, or would like to nominate a victim, then head complete the simple form to get drunk dialed. It’s fun, but of course remember that it’s late at night on a Tuesday and you need to be 18 or older.

Holly brought up our fourth topic on the IIHF working to find a solution to allow NHL players in the upcoming Olympics. Our phone rang again, but this time we managed to call back and got Kristie Strumm (@kstrumm) on the line. She knows her hockey, there’s no doubt about that. The conversation was great and some controversy stirred up on whether the fact the next Olympics aren’t in North America is a cause for the resistance.

Kristie was so great on the line we invited her to join Holy & Jeff in The Drunk Tank — a quick fire trivia segment. In a best of 7 series, Kristie came out on top with a final official score of 4-2-2. Now much like the 2012/13 NHL season there needs to be an asterisk. First, Kristie was sober — dead sober. Secondly as Marshall was drunk, he missed the fact that she actually won without needing the last question which Jeff was the only one to get right. So the unofficial score was Kristie with 4, Holly with 2 and Jeff — the knowledgeable co-host — with just 1. For a list of the questions and answers, scroll down.

At the end of the show, the beer count was off the charts, much like brain cells.

Jeff drank 8 beers over Marshall’s 7 — an improvement over last episode. Holly though was the clear victor polishing of 10 beers during the show. Now there’s a champion drinker. And the boat race result, just 41.0 seconds or 13.7 seconds average. The catch, it took Marshall 18.5 so he brought the average time up. Someone needs to teach him how to drink!

Our feedback line is available 24×7 at 855.321.5387 so feel free to call any time. And of course be sure to mark Tuesday, February 12, 2013 on your calendars for the next episode of Drunk Hockey Show coming at you live. And be sure to contact us to let us know if you’d like to be a guest on an upcoming episode.

The Drunk Tank

Q: Who preceded Gary Bettman as commissioner of the NHL?
A: None. The position was created in 1993 with Bettman taking office & officially amalgamating roles with President on July 1, 1993.

Q: In relation to a Kardashian — a unit of measure — the 2012/13 lockout lasted how long?
A: 1.57 times longer than Kim Kardashian’s marriage to Kris Humphries of 72 days. The lockout was considered to have been 113 days.

Q: Why are pucks frozen?
A: Pucks are frozen before entering play to make them bounce resistant — or at least bounce less.

Q: What team was the last NHL expansion team?
A: There were two. In 2000 the Minnesota Wild and Columbus Blue Jackets became a part of the NHL.

Q: What the ice thickness of an NHL rink?
A: Approximately 3/4″ thick — or 1.9 cm.

Q: Why is the centre red line broken?
A: Because on black & white TV’s it was hard to differentiate between the red & blue lines.

Q: What year was the Stanley Cup first awarded? Bonus points for naming the team.
A: 1893. The first Stanley Cup was awarded to Montreal HC (often referred to as Montreal Hockey Club, Montreals, Montreal AAA and Winged Wheel).

Complete video of the entire episode can be watched below.

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