DHS 3: I’m gonna kick you in the nuts

Holy crap we’re hammered! We had an awesome time on the Drunk Hockey Show and even our first ever LIVE caller. In studio was Marshall Stevenson (@spryd) being joined by co-host “that drunk guy” Jeff Stevenson (@WWoJeff) and through technology and the magical powers of the interwebs funny guy Constantine Gamvrelis (@JETSxoxo) and long-time Winnipeg Jets fan Jeff Paulson (@jaykaypee14) joined us live.

It was a jam packed episode complete with a lot of alcohol consumed by the four guys. We were set to have our first-ever female guest on the show, but unfortunately founder of thepinkpuck.com Winter Adams got sick — to the point she was apparently throwing up. We wish her a speedy recovery so she can live up to her promise of being on the January show.

We covered things in the show like Bettman’s 20-year reign at the realm of the NHL and his quote from back then stating “the winds of change blowing now should be geared less toward chaos and more in the direction of firming up a hockey infrastructure in dire need of attention.” It made it interesting as the drinking game was based on Bettman — however thanks to @geniusval we also had an out. That out was being the first to say a sponsor name.

As the drinks kept flowing, the conversation got more interesting. We all made our predictions on when the lockout would end, how team Canada will do at the World Juniors and thoughts on the Canadian Women’s Hockey League — or the CWHL.

We also had our first ever live caller on the show, but of course had some technical difficulties. Shout out to Sarah’s sister, better known as Stephanie, for being brave enough to call in and chat a little hockey.

Of course our drunk dial was just as fun setting it up as it was trying to make it. We had targeted a guest on the first DHS episode, but again his voicemail wasn’t setup and he didn’t answer — I think he’s wise to our ways. We’ll still get you some time Ezzy! So, we call Andrew Patterson, better known as Hustler. He’s a host of a couple different shows over on our favorite sports radio station TSN1290.

And as if all those other firsts weren’t enough, we introduced The Drunk Tank — a quick fire trivia segment. While it was certain that Constantine didn’t win — he got zero right — it may have made more sense if we did crown him victor as he was clearly the drunkest. Jeff Paulson ended up winning by a score of 5 over Jeff Stevenson’s 4 — which was misspoken in the episode as three. For a list of the questions and answers, scroll down.

At the end of the show, the beer count was in the accepted range, unlike the brain cells.

Jeff & Marshall each consumed 6 in studio, while Constantine was drinking the hard stuff and managed to consume roughly 20 oz of rum — no wonder he was the drunk one. Jeff Paulson managed to take five during the show.

Our feedback line is available 24×7 at 855.321.5387 so feel free to call any time. And of course be sure to mark Tuesday, January 8, 2013 on your calendars for the next episode of Drunk Hockey Show coming at you live. And be sure to contact us to let us know if you’d like to be a guest on an upcoming episode.

The Drunk Tank

Q: How many NHL teams existed in the last complete season of play?
A: Thirty (30) teams existed in the last complete season of NHL play which was the 2011-12 season.

Q: How many NHL teams existed the last time the Toronto Maple Leafs won the Stanley Cup?
A: 1966-67 was the year the Leafs won the cup and just the original six (6) teams existed in the league. The following season of 1967-68 added six (6) expansion teams — Los Angeles Kings, Minnesota North Stars, Oakland Seals, Phildelphia Flyers, Pittsburgh Penguins and St. Louis Blues.

Q: What is the smallest capacity arena in the NHL today?
A: The MTS Centre in Winnipeg, MB is home to the Winnipeg Jets and currently has a 15,004 capacity for hockey. In the 2015 season, the New York Islanders will relocate to Barclays Center in Brooklyn, NY which will overtake the smallest arena moniker at 14,500.

Q: Name the only woman to ever play in the NHL? Bonus points to name the team & who scored on her.
A: Manon Rhéaume played one period in the 1992 season for the Tampa Bay Lightning against the St. Louis Blues. She allowed 2-goals. The first by Jeff Brown, the second by Brendan Shanahan.

Q: When the Winnipeg Jets entered the NHL, who were their first minor league affiliate
A: Tulsa Oilers

Complete video of the entire episode can be watched below.

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