DHS 1: Go hockey!

Welcome to the first official episode of the Drunk Hockey Show. It’s the premiere episode so you know things will go a little crazy, and crazy they did. Marshall Stevenson (@spryd) was joined by co-host “that drunk guy” Jeff Stevenson (@WWoJeff) in studio, along with actor and improv specialist C. Adam Leigh (@thefreshie). Through the magical powers of the interwebs, Jeff Pallson (@jaykaypee14) of Sleeman’s and Ezra Ginsburg (@ICEzzy) from the Illegal Curve Hockey Show on Winnipeg’s TSN1290 Radio joined in as well.

Things got a little crazy after the boat race which came in at an official time of 2:01.3 thanks to “that drunk guy” being the anchor.

Then came the drinking rules. This week the word was lockout and if anyone said it, everyone had to drink. Needless to say there were several times the talk of the NHL Lockout came up. Even typing the show notes is making me reach for a beer. And of course the whole show, Buffalo Rules were also in effect. And if you don’t know what those are, consider yourself lucky…for now.

We actually did talk hockey at some points in the show. We talked about NHL players in Europe and the impact that has both in the NHL and the other leagues. A brief, almost non-starter conversation about a potential CHLPA forming and if there would be the likelihood of a lockout at junior levels.

Then there was discussion on Allan Walsh’s (@walsha) rant:

“Those that believe all NHL owners support the lockout should look to the NY Rangers and James Dolans’ history with Gary Bettman. On Sept. 26, 2007- the NYR filed a Federal Anti-Trust Lawsuit against the NHL over the League’s plan to take over every NHL clubs website. According to court filings, 3 other NHL owners voted against the NHL’s (ie Bettman’s) plan to centralize and control NHL teams websites. Why did the NYR filed a federal lawsuit against the NHL? The NYR refused to give up control of their website to the League,the NHL (Bettman) imposed a $100,000 per day fine on the team. In the Federal Court filing, the New York Rangers referred to the NHL as “an illegal cartel.” Bettman changed the NHL Board of Governor rules 8 yrs ago, only needs 8 owners to vote down any motion. Why? Centralize power among a small group of NHL owners. The NHL Board of Governors has been effectively hijacked by the rule change 8 yrs ago. But, several owners preparing to speak out unless Bettman, Jacobs and the rest start negotiations. What League can shut down for 2 full seasons within 8 yrs? What league Bettman said he+just two NHL owners crafted the league’s last proposal, a counteroffer to the NHLPA delivered on Sept. 12. Guess which two? commissioner automatically imposes a lockout and shuts the game down EVERY TIME a CBA has expired on his watch? Unprecedented.”

And of course we can’t forget about the ensuing drunk dial, that in and of itself was hilarious just trying to get the dialing done. And who was the target? Front man Ryan from the band Giving In.

The phone lines weren’t working, but our feedback line is available 24×7 at 855.321.5387 so feel free to call any time. And of course be sure to mark Tuesday, November 13, 2012 on your calendars for the next episode of Drunk Hockey Show coming at you live. And be sure to contact us to let us know if you’d like to be a guest on an upcoming episode.

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