WhiteOut Road Trip


Two crazy Winnipeg Jets fans, co-founders of WinnipegWhiteOut.com, relocated to Calgary years ago. Finally the return of the NHL has come back to Winnipeg. Jeff & Marshall, cousins, drive from their homes in Calgary to Winnipeg to watch the 2011/12 home opener at MTS Centre. Then they decide to keep driving to the next game in Chicago at the United Center. After that it’s a 30-hour, 3000 km road trip to Phoenix as Winnipeg is set to take on the franchise that used to be the Winnipeg Jets (talk about irony). Next comes a quick stop in Vegas (since it’s on the way home) to take in Winnipeg play Pittsburgh, and finally back to Calgary– exhausted. 4 hockey games, 3 provinces, at least 14 states and 9,200 kilometers. With these two crazy Winnipeg cousins, there’s bound to be lots of great thoughts, laughs and tests along the way. When you visit WhiteOutRoadTrip.com you’ll be able to track the whole thing and be a part of the experience. A portion of proceeds raised will benefit Believe in the Goal, a local Winnipeg charity.

Be part of the adventure

Visit JETFUELmovie.com for your chance to secure an interview spot for our documentary that will occur while we’re on the road traveling. You can even invest in the production and get some cool schwag exclusive to our funding partners.

That’s a lot of miles

Okotoks Honda - Discover the DifferenceIt’s true that 9,200 km (approximately) is over 6,000 miles. And without the help and support of our official vehicle from Okotoks Honda, there’d be no way we could do this adventure.