Stanley Cup champion Nashville Predators

Forgive me for a moment but the Nashville Predators are Stanley Cup champions?

With the Winnipeg Jets set to take on the Predators tonight in Nashville I decided I’d poke around online and see if people had similar predictions as our latest JETBLAST and came across the above image.

First thought in my mind was “did I miss something?” I mean, I’m a fan of Brett Wilson and his colourful shirts (he’s part owner of the organization) but even I know he hasn’t done that many drugs to confuse his team with champions of the past. In fact digging a little deeper and the Preds are one of six active teams that have never made an appearance in the final. Unfortunately, our Winnipeg Jets are also one of those teams (no matter Jets 1.0 or Jets 2.0).

So I guess this is really a piece of putting out there what you want and hoping the universe delivers. A mission statement of sorts, only better. If that’s the case, then I want to say something like:

“Winnipeg Whiteout is the best damn sports blog on the planet about the Winnipeg Jets. We have hundreds of writers that write for us each week and our podcast shows are syndicated to huge offline audiences. Oh and we all actually get paid millions of dollars to do the thing we love.”

Who knows, maybe one day it will happen?!

By the way, tickets are still available to the game tonight starting at just $9.

Image via SBNation

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