To stand or not to stand, that is the question?

Do real fans stand during a shootout at the end of the game?

Now, obviously there are people who can’t physically stand or in the case of children, might not be tall enough to stand and see the game in the stands. Everyone who pays for a seat at the MTS Centre has a right to watch the game the way they feel is best.

At the end of overtime when the shootout began, everyone in the lower bowl rose to their feet. Feeling swept up in the excitement of the moment I did the same from my seats higher up.

Less than a minute later, the usher for our section came over to where I was and told me to sit down. I was the only fan in my section who wanted to stand.

There were moments where the fans in my section did choose to get up. After each Jets goal during the shootout they rose to cheer on the team.

I did not.

I am far from an expert, but I’ve been to a few NHL rinks in my day. Nothing compares to being in a rink during the playoffs. In high school, in 1993 I painted my face white and shouted myself horse as the Jets took on the Canucks in the playoffs.

They lost the series in 6 games.

The best experience I’ve had as a fan was going to the Stanley Cup Finals in 2009 in Detroit. After the Jets left the Penguins became my team.

Part of what I loved about the experience was how great the fans in Detroit were. They truly deserve the name, “Hockey Town”.

Everywhere I went in the city people would talk to me about hockey – I was wearing my Crosby jersey.

The conversations were always respectful, even if it was an ‘agree to disagree’ type of situation. I also enjoyed meeting with hockey fans from Pittsburgh who had made the trip.

My favourite was this young girl with her father. She asked me where my ‘terrible towel’ was, and when I told her I didn’t have one because I wasn’t from Pittsburgh she didn’t believe me.

The experience at the rink was unforgettable. All of the fans seated around me were Red Wings fans. One fan, who had gone to the game from Las Vegas, asked me if I thought Winnipeg was going to get a team back after I told him where I was from.

When the Red Wings scored I got it from everyone sitting around me. It was all in good fun and nobody took offence. At the end of the game I ended up shaking hands with everyone who had sat around me. I remember this one guy even saying, “if I was a fan going to another building I would hope people would treat me like I was anybody else.”

Ottawa wasn’t the same story when I went for Sidney Crosby’s first playoff game. I got a lot of “Crosby’s a cry baby” comments at that game.

At Madison Square Gardens they simply told me to sit down.

The most unpleasant experience I’ve had dealing with fans from other teams, by far, was at the MTS Centre, wearing my Sidney Crosby jersey.

The majority of the fans were pretty good, but for some reason, there was a very strong, very vocal, anti-Crosby faction.

Fair enough. I think any time you wear an opposing teams’ jersey the home fans are going to react to it.

I now come back to the shootout.

Do real fans stand up or sit down?

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Long time Jets' fan. Went to my first game in 1982 when everyone was talking about Dale Hawerchuk. Still can't believe the team is back. Go Jets Go!!!