NHL game odds

As any hockey fan is aware, it’s playoff season in the NHL and the chance to hoist Lord Stanley’s Cup as the victor. In fact round-one is well under way already and the lone Canadian team – the Montreal Canadiens – have already locked up a trip to the second-round of action in a four-game sweep of the Tampa Bay Lightning.

With any post-season action comes the great chance to earn some extra cash. The crew over at MyTopSportsbooks.com have taken the time to provide some expert free online picks for NHL games – of course, there are plenty of other sports odds on the site as well.

We know that the Winnipeg Jets didn’t make it into the post-season this year and a part of that can be attributed to the players. With the great news of locking up Head Coach Paul Maurice for four years there’s a renewed hope that the Jets just might make the playoffs next season.

Being Canadian, most of us tend to get behind the remaining team from Canada – which of course wasn’t the case when the Vancouver Canucks lost to the LA Kings. Montreal is sitting pretty going in to the next round, but it will be a tough series facing either Boston Bruins or Detroit Red Wings. There’s a long history of bad blood between the Bruins and Habs, so we can only hope for that match-up…also in part because we know Detroit Sucks.

The first round started with sixteen teams and it looks like San Jose Sharks may sweep the LA Kings getting us down to just fourteen with the other series split evenly. That means there are a lot of possibilities remaining to be the Stanley Cup champion for the 2013-14 season. So I need to ask you a quick question.

Of all the teams that are currently in the Stanley Cup Playoffs, who are you cheering for?

Let me know in the comments below.

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