LA Crush Brodeur’s Game-But Not His Kingdom

2012 Stanley cup final in Newark New jersey set off last night. Game 1-As the Kings hit devils and hard, it was the 1st time two American captains went head to head in Stanley cup finals. Dustin brown Kings’ captain and Devils’ hot handler Zach Parise gave each other a run for the money, and did not let down.

Not playing in 8 days did not seem to hurt the Kings having that long of a lay-off, though stats would state otherwise. And Jonathon Quick seemed to be just that, as he didn’t let much past his stick in the Prudential Centre. And as facts show in the past, usually the team that scores first ends up taking the game in the end – true story!

But the real amazement lies with Martin Brodeur, and his outstanding performance. Though getting beat by Kopitar’s mad stick handling in the end in OT, who could be disappointed playing his 200th career playoff game? Being out-shot 3-1 all night, Marti’s puck handling and defensive skills are par to no one else in the league. It’s unbelievable that at 40 years old, this world class goalie was already 2 years in when Devils rookie star Adam Larson was taking his first steps.

Having secured 3 cup rings already and playing his 5th time in the Stanley cup finals, it is hard to imagine the Kings taking this one home in the end. In Brodeur’s 21 year hockey venture, all his time has been spent with the New Jersey Devils. Exceeding even Patrick Roy, Brodeur is the leader in NHL season wins, shutouts, and games played with 4 Vezina trophies in his possession.

Although Devils’s are positioned two spots above the Kings 8th seed, it seems the hungry Kings want the cup and are stopping at nothing to grab it.  As each game is a new record for the King’s on-the-road wins, it will be interesting to see who comes out on top for the next game in Jersey.

Game 2 of Stanley Cup final hits us Saturday, June 2nd at 7 pm, before series moves to LA for games 3 and 4. The Devils need a big win ahead of them to put them back on track. There still lies lots of room for the dirty Devils to destroy the hopeful Kingdom. Brodeur has this one in his left pocket!

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