Xbox users get the shaft

Not an Offical screen shot

*****UPDATE: Jets jerseys are now available on xbox as well as on the PS3, simply download the most recent update and you’ll have the jerseys for both Winnipeg and St. John’s*****

One of the hot topics leading up to the release of NHL 2012 was when are the Jets jerseys going to be in the game. Well it’s now November and the question is still one of the most asked questions on the net. PS3 users can rest easy because the jersey has been made available to them, even if the bottom striping on the home jersey has the dark blue where white should be.

I should mention for clarity that the above screen shot is from someones customization on PC and not an EA release.

When I contacted EA Sports to try and find out more about the update for xbox users I was simply told “That information has not been released yet.” For whatever reason EA is keeping that information under lock and key. My guess though is that it shouldn’t be too much longer if the PS3 has been updated. At worst I imagine it’ll be an early Christmas present for us in December, any later and EA Sports really risks ticking off their xbox users as clearly a bit of favoritism has already been shown to Sony and you can bet Microsoft won’t be overly happy if their platform has too long of a delay on their update.

I wish I had more information to be shared but EA is not talking and are not responding to users questions, not the best customer service tactic that one would expect. Maybe if enough gamers keep asking we’ll finally get an answer. Leave a comment if you can’t wait for the jersey update for xbox, or gloat if you’re a PS3 user.

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