A win for charity

There’s an old saying that goes “sometimes you win and sometimes you lose.” Today was a huge win for True North Sports and Entertainment (TNSE), the City of Winnipeg and the NHL. It was a bit of a loss for us.

We posted a story this morning that wasn’t intended to create distrust amongst our followers and readers but to educate on the somewhat overlooked reality that the overall deal hinged upon. Without the NHL Board of Governor approval, we’d all be crying. It was meant to be educational and thought provoking.

Then came what we were all waiting for; word of the approval that the NHL was officially returning to Winnipeg after a long, fifteen year absence. We took a chance on a source that, in the end, appeared to be nothing more than a fan hoping for the best. For that we’re also sorry. We jumped the gun and pushed publish before official word of a unanimous decision was released.

We learned more today and have adjusted our promise to you.

  • We want to be the number one place that Winnipeg NHL fans turn to when they want to read accurate information.
  • We will report the real news, once we have heard it from a credible source.
  • We will begin flagging rumors with a highly visible image indicating as such.
  • We will place these stories into their own category.
  • We will also continue to make mistakes and learn from them…we’re human after all.

When we discovered that the information we had presented was possibly inaccurate, and thus caused a lose situation for us, we wanted to ensure there was a win. We tweeted that if the Board didn’t make it a unanimous decision we would donate $500 to charity. Well we’re still going to make that win even though the Board was unanimous in their decision.

But now we need your help. We need to know the charity that we should donate to on behalf of our readers, Winnipeg NHL fans, Winnipeg Jets fans and everyone who’s a fan of this amazing city called Winnipeg. It’s a small token of our appreciation to be able to be a part of it. Please leave the name and/or website of the charity you feel strongly about in the comments below by June 30. We will then make our selection at that time. Thank you once again and GO JETS GO!!!

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