Why hockey is like sex

As the old saying goes, absence makes the heart grow fonder. It’s very true in the case of the Winnipeg Jets. For the last 15 years, Winnipeg hockey fans have had only the Manitoba Moose to cheer about. And while the Moose were great, they were never the prom queen – the girl you wanted to take home.

Now that’s all changed. With the Jets comes the return of NHL hockey to Winnipeg. After fifteen long years the collective population of Winnipeg has finally been satisfied.

In all seriousness, the experience of the Jets return to Winnipeg is exactly like sex. Not close, but exactly like sex. Think of it this way. When your partner, in this case the NHL, withholds sex from you for extended periods of time, say 15 years, you want it. You crave it. In fact, you need it. And yes, even if it’s bad – like an unfortunate loss – when you finally get it, it’s amazingly awesome. And then when you have just a little taste, like the first game of a season, you want it more. And more often. You can’t stop thinking about it. It starts to consume you and you’re overtaken with emotion.

It was witnessed last night with fans crying, smiling and cheering. Chants of “GO JETS GO” were regularly heard starting in random locations. The emotion just came pouring out. In fact, it was the ultimate climax for long-time, and new Winnipeg Jets fans.

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