NHL Board of Governors unanimously approve TNSE acquisition

Update: 2011-06-21 14:15 CT – We jumped the gun on this by a few hours based on some inaccurate information, but reports are finally starting to come in indicating at the very least, the NHL Board of Governors has approved the sale and relocation of the Atlanta Thrashers franchise to Winnipeg. We apologize for jumping this too early. Below is the original story.

This morning we talked about how there was a very minor, microscopic chance that the NHL Board of Governors would deny the sale and relocation of the Atlanta Thrashers franchise. It sucked to truly think about, but it was still a realistic possibility and sometimes reality sucks.

We’re happy to tell all Winnipeg Jets fans, and NHL fans in Winnipeg and around the world that early reports indicate the Board has unanimously approved the sale and relocation of the NHL to Winnipeg. All fans can now relax that in just a few short months, NHL hockey will return to the ice at the MTS Centre. The name is still up for debate, but the fact that professional hockey is returning is now confirmed.

One other thing that we’d like to address was our report on the ticket sales. We said that Hamilton blew Winnipeg out of the water. Well, looking a little closer that’s not quite the case. In fact as one commenter stated, Winnipeg holds the record for the most season ticket commitments in NHL history at over 39,000 seats. Each season ticket seat was sold at a minimum three year commitment and there were 13,000 seats sold. Additionally the waiting list that’s capped at 8,000 shows an even greater commitment to the NHLs return.

We’ve never doubted Winnipeg fans and are even on the wait list ourselves. We weren’t so lucky in the 2-minute sell out that happened to get our tickets. Now we’ll continue to wait and move up slowly in the season ticket queue.

For all of our readers, thank you for continuing to read and spread the word. And for all of the Winnipeg fans, thank you for believing for the last 15 years that we can make the NHL in Winnipeg a reality. Now we can look forward to a name and the entry draft. GO JETS GO!!

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