Tradition: The White Out

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Yesterday we talked about the ongoing battle between honouring tradition vs building for the future. Over the next several days we are going to look in depth at the various traditions that we feel the new Jets will honour.

Our first up is an obvious one for us given the site name we chose and the fact that True North did purchase the copyright on White Out for use in hockey.

The White Out was a tradition that started in 1987 when the Winnipeg Jets were taking on the Calgary Flames in the first round of the Stanley Cup Finals. The previous year the Flames had created a “C of Red” at their home play off games against the Oilers and it was in response to that the White Out was born.

After the Jets went on to eliminate the Flames in four straight games to win their second NHL play off series, a tradition was created. While the Jets play off success was never that great and they never won one another play off series, (the first win came against the Flames in 1985) the passion the Jets fans had during play off games and the birth of White Noise at the White Outs became legendary and something all players talked about after experiencing.

The small confines of the old Winnipeg Arena and the steep inclines of the seats provided a unique spectacle that we admit will be harder to create in the new MTS Centre. The noise shouldn’t echo as much in the new barn and the appearance of the White Out won’t be the same as it was in the Winnipeg Arena with it’s steep seating that created a top to bottom effect. The better designed MTS Centre is known world wide for it’s great acoustics and you can bet on opening night and the first time these Jets reach the play offs that rink will be every bit as loud as the old Arena but may not feel as loud simply because the MTS Centre is designed to reduce echos to provide a better experience for concerts.

The White Out is a tradition that lived on in Winnipeg after the Jets left and while the passion and atmosphere led to it fading out for the Moose, there is no question that it will be back in full force for these Jets and we are in full support of returning this great tradition to our city and our team.

Tradition: The White Out
Status: Returning

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