Should the Jets trade Dustin Byfuglien

You can complain or praise Dustin Byfuglien but one thing is for sure, when he’s on the ice, you know he is on the ice. Standing at 6′ 5″, 265 lbs Byfuglien is a physical force. Byfuglien has the versatility to play forward or defence and because of that, he could be a secret weapon for a team contending for the Stanley Cup.

Byfuglien might not be the best defensively and has struggled with his conditioning. However, when engaged he can be a game changer. And because of his value, the Jets could get some calls where they would acquire a nice return for Big Buff.

There are pros and cons to trading Byfuglien

Why the Jets should Trade Byfuglien

Trading Byfuglien could benefit the Jets in the long run. If the Jets trade Byfuglien now while his value is still high, the Jets could retain a first round pick from a team for him.

If the Jets wait too long, they could be missing out on a chance to cash in on a deal that would give the Jets some valuable players.

Trading Byfuglien could be a good thing for both parties. Byfuglien’s cap hit is 5.2 million and as it stands right now he is being used as a third line right wing.

That’s quite a lot of money for a bottom six forward. 

Would the Jets rather have a good third line right winger or a deal that could get them a first round pick and possibly a highly coveted prospect?

It’s hard for the Jets to move Byfuglien back to defence. The defence is doing fine without him. In fact, they are doing better without him.

His offensive skill set from the point may be missed but his errors and poor defensive instincts are not worth the sacrifice. When Byfuglien won the Stanley cup with the Chicago Blackhawks in 2010, he was a nightmare for goaltenders in the playoffs.

He planted himself in front of the net and caused trouble for goalies and defenceman.

During the process he recorded 16 points in 22 games. A team could be interested in acquiring Byfuglien for that reason, using him in front of the net. Or a team could use him at both positions. By trading Byfuglien they no longer are overpaying a bottom six forward.

If they trade him while his value is still high they could still acquire a nice return.

 Why The Jets Shouldn’t Trade Byfuglien

It’s pretty safe to say the Jets have a legitimate shot to contend for the playoffs this year.

The drastic turn around by Paul Maurice has put the Jets in the middle of the hunt for the wild card spot. Byfuglien can put up points; it’s one of his biggest strengths. He’s a valuable PP player and a big body who gets points.

Trading a big piece like Byfuglien could hurt the Jets playoff chances.

Yes, dealing Byfuglien could help the Jets in the future but from Day 1 the Jets have said their goal for the year is to make the playoffs so why damage the chances of that?

Why fix something that doesn’t need to be fixed?

The Jets aren’t in a position where they need to rebuild. They have an established young core that they can build around. So, if there is no need for rebuilding what’s the point of trading Byfuglien?

If the Jets make the playoffs, they might not be heavily favored to win the Cup. But it could make a huge impact for this team to make the playoffs, just for the experience.

However they will still be competitive to win in the playoffs and Byfuglien can be a key contributor. He has shown he can be a dangerous player in the playoffs especially in his performance in 2010 for the Stanley Cup winning Chicago Blackhawks.


I don’t see the Jets moving Byfuglien at the deadline.

I think the right move for the Jets would be to trade Byfuglien.

The Jets’ General Manager could be turned off by the proposition of trading one of the team’s best players at this point of the teams season and in part because of the team’s realistic chance of playoffs.

Needless to say, the Jets could still be considering some very tempting offers from teams.

If the deal were right, I would take it. But would Kevin Cheveldayoff?

He’s not made a big deal yet for the Jets and has been very reluctant to pull the trigger on a deal that would shake up the team. Cheveldayoff has done a great job acquiring talent through the draft but it’s time for him to start making waves either through the trade deadline or via free agency. He has no pressure to trade Byfuglien at the deadline but possibly at the trade deadline a deal could arise that he can’t refuse.

Do you think the Jets should trade Dustin Byfuglien?

Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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