Jets…That’s It! That’s All!

It’s a sad week in Winnipeg, as we know this is the Jet’s final hurrah for this season. Though we couldn’t come out on top with a playoff spot snatch we did prove we were the best of the rest. Well almost. Maybe next season we can get some sort of jet fuel back and blow through the season and conquer the much needed and important road games, this year they were handed to us royally!

And with the notable poor defensive techniques exemplified by big bad Dustin Bufyglien with the Winnipeg Jets to date, let’s hope he stays on the straight and narrow and doesn’t get into too much trouble on his boat this summer. We need him in better form next season, this year he just didn’t cut it!

It is amazing… that even with our support and fanatical display of ‘Jet Love’, the Jets finish almost in exact place as the Atlanta Thrashers did last season! Coincidence? Possibly. Or maybe they are getting a little too comfortable in the Peg where they can do no wrong and are hailed 24/7.  Either way we know that Winnipeg is happy to have the Winnipeg Jets back here where they belong.  They need to do better next season whichever way you spin it. And they will!

With the Jets’ off-season about to commence, signing marquee players will be key to Jet’s success. Let’s trust that GM Kavin Cheveldayoff knows what’s best for the team and keeps the very talented Kyle Wellwood around, as he managed to get his personal high scoring points this season with 47 points.  Though he broke his left foot after last Saturday’s game against the Tampa Bay Lightning for which he can thank Grant Clitsome for, he will be a high commodity come next season. I’d like to see him stay.

We know Jim Slater will be heading the 3rdline checking unit with his record of 17 pts in 72 games when the Jets hit New York, and then home for their final game. Volunteering a lot of his down time to ‘take Jimmy to work day’, we can assume he’ll be pulling no stops when his skates hit the ice Saturday night against the lightning.

Hitting the one and only Steven Stamkos Saturday night; even though he has one of the leading records in the entire league with 58 goals this season, the Jets have still managed to one up them as they sit in 11th spot behind us in the Eastern division.  Let’s keep em there!

Jets will go out with a bang at the MTS centre this Saturday night in their last match up of the season. Win or Lose, Winnipeg will be praising the team here at the MTS centre where there will be a deafening spectacle of admiration for the team Jet’s fans just can’t seem to live without.

Let’s take it down in the Peg for the last show.

Game on!

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