Stan Lee the Prognosticator

We figured we’d take a moment away from the serious side of things today and take a look at something a little bit more childish. Last year the NHL teamed up with Stan Lee and launched the Guardian Project, which created a super hero for each NHL team. We originally thought we’d create our own concept for the Winnipeg Jet, but after taking a look at the Atlanta Thrasher we realized we didn’t really have to.

It appears that Stan Lee had the foresight to create a super hero for the Thrashers that could relocate to Winnipeg and become the Jet as easily as the team did this summer. Despite a Thrasher being a bird the hero looks a lot like a Jet. Take a look for yourself.

So it really doesn’t take a rocket scientist to turn The Thrasher into the The Jet as we’ve done here for you.

What is even more interesting is if you watch the video on the Guardian website it mentions that the villian wants the Thrasher to be the first for him to get rid of so was that just coincidence or did Stan Lee see this coming a year ago and set up an easy way to eliminate the Thrasher? We’re assuming it’s just coincidence but it’s a pretty entertaining one at least.

Since we got thinking about this we decided to take it one step further and give our new hero some special powers that reflect this great city of ours so without further ado we present to you our concept for the Guardian Project… The Winnipeg Jet (Artwork is from Guardian Project)

I guess time will tell to see what our new super hero will actually look like, assuming the NHL continues on with the Guardian Project and in the mean time we’ll go back to covering some more serious topics.

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Jeff Stevenson is a co-founder of and co-host of the popular Jets Hockey Podcast. He grew up in Winnipeg, MB and became very passionate about sports, hockey and the Jets. Now Jeff is proud and honored to help bring news and information about the Winnipeg Jets to fans around the world.