NHL team name to be released

Winnipeg Hockey fans continue to rejoice at the return of the NHL to their hometown. Of course the biggest question everyone is still asking is “what the team is going to be called.” We’ve reported in the past about speculative team names and last night WinnipegHockey.com released a quick story that this Thursday, June 16th True North Sports and Entertainment (TNSE) would release the team name of the NHL franchise.

Unlike last time, this time we put on our investigative hats and immediately went to our contact at TNSE – one who we’ve apologized to in the past. We sent an email to Scott Brown, Director of Corporate Communications & Hockey Operations at TNSE asking him if he could confirm or deny the report of a team name being released this Thursday.

“Not true,” were the first words from the email. “There is no announcement on the team name coming this week…other announcements which are business-related coming…team name is not one of them.” And then he signed off.

It looks like our prediction of the Winnipeg NHL team name being weeks away might still be accurate. Now our question is, what are those other business-related announcements coming up later this week?

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