Zach Redmond sliced by Ginsu Knife

zach-redmondOkay, that headline is being a little bit dramatic – I’ll admit it. But seriously, another NHL player getting cut by a skate on the ice? It’s being reported that Redmond was cut while on the ice practising for the game tonight against Carolina.

In the latest episode of the Jets Hockey Podcast I got in to it with “that guy” Jeff over the idea of bringing in preventative measures from a league and union level to help prevent injuries. It got to be quite a rant, and it all stemmed from Erik Karlsson being sliced up the other night.

There are a lot of advances that have been made in hockey equipment over the years. Pieces that would help prevent this sort of injury. Now it’s true they can’t prevent every injury and that the players should take some responsibility. But please – if the league mandated the use of the cut proof socks, wrist guards, etc, then the likelihood of injury dramatically decreases. Do it like they did with making helmets mandatory in a phased approach.

If you’re counting, that’s two in the last week that have had this type of injury from skates. Come on people, do something about it. Even the beloved Selanne wears these things.

That’s my rant, but I feel it’s warranted. These type of injuries can be prevented, so why aren’t we taking actions to do so! What do you think – am I right or wrong?

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