Quality time, Jets style

jets-toqueI watch my dad as he stands in our living room; standing in front of the TV, with a drink in his hand, wearing his lucky toque. It’s just a plain blue toque but he swears they’ll win if he wears it. He yells at the TV about anything and everything the Jets are doing. If it’s not Byfuglien and my Dad’s fascination on his skill, it’s Kane and his comment of, “He’s just so fast! You gotta hit on every shift you’re on!”

When the Jets came back, my dad and I couldn’t have been happier! For months, it was all we could talk about. On December 9, 2011, I got a call during school from him saying we got tickets for that evening’s game; it was going to be my very first! I was so enthusiastic that my teacher had to tell me she was starting the class and to end my call! The memories from that game are still extremely vivid and to have shared that with my dad was one memory I’ll always hold dear.

Fast forwarding to January 2013 and all the excitement for the Jets with my dad and I is still there. With all the incredible times I’ve shared with my dad, I still think this is my favourite opportunity that I’ve had to bond with him. The best thing in the world is when he asks me when I’ll be home so we can watch the Jets game together. It’s such a thrill to cheer them on together from our comfy couches, toques and Jets sweaters in tow. I’m so grateful for this team for my ability to have quality time with him. Being an 18-year-old university student is hard, especially when it comes to family time but this team gave me a chance to slow life down and share 3 hours of game day with the best father anyone could ask for.

You could say that my enthusiasm for the Jets and for hockey as a whole came from my time on my daddy-daughter dates (as we like to call them). Realizing that hockey is a true passion for me, I can’t thank him enough for wanting to bond with me over this incredible game and with the coolest team around.

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Dani's a university student by day, Jets enthusiast by night! Born and raised in Manitoba, she enjoys her bonding time with her dad watching the Jets! Constantly yelling at the TV with beers and popcorn in tow, there's nothing she'd rather be doing. When she's not watching Jets games, she's watching/attending Winnipeg Blue Bomber games and writing on her blog, canuckskies.tumblr.com.