Will Power Play Pummel Keep Jets from Playoffs?

Jets will have to rely on  #22 Chris Thorborn to make something happen on the ice for more points for any playoff chance.

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Making it to the playoffs is going to be a long shot out of hell if the Jets can’t get their offensive line in sequence and score on the power play. Let’s save the small talk, our O-line is in deep trouble. Typical odds are a 3 out of 5 scoring chance during a power play. However leave it to our Jets to make that likely statistic nowhere near our grasp. Out of 48 minutes of powerplay time on ice, they have only scored twice. This paltry effort is not only embarrassing, but takes us almost completely out of the running for a playoff spot. Losing games by one or two goals, is not going to cut it when we need to win games.

Two goals scored in 24 chances  better have Jets Coach Claude Noel worried that his first pick offensive line is in need of major changes and fast! Having a one man advantage for that many power plays says a lot about their stick handling and not much about their talent. Noel must change his go to offensive line players asap because it is evident something is just not working! But our need for speed and goals is not limited to just our power play, we need less turnovers and a major change-up of our key players. Andrew Ladd, Nik Antropov, and Bryan Little need to quit passing the buck and shut it down with puck in net action. Period!

The Jets need a hope and a prayer in the next stretch as their tight schedule will make it difficult to get much restructuring done. Eight games in the next 15 days may have some worried, but for all games we have home ice advantage. Regardless of this advantage, the Jets are not firing from all cylinders and suffice to say Tuesday night’s evidence with a 3-1 loss against the New York Islanders, home –ice advantage doesn’t mean a damn thing.

Even with Dustin Byfuglien’s return, he may be stopping the puck from landing in the danger zone and keeping our competition awry, but what’s the point if our o-line just cannot get it together? An arena full of screaming and supportive fans should have the Jets pumped to impress them and win games. Hopefully in the next two weeks the Jets don’t make it a habit of disappointing and give us a much-anticipated playoff team.

But it’s down to the wire for much-needed talent.  So where is it? When are we going to get it? And who the hell is going to step up?  With the Jets so close to a playoff spot and a lead in the south-east division we need wins and action during the power plays.  We are going to need to rely on Chris Thorburn, Zach Bogosian, Evander Kane, and Mark Stuart to make our pp minutes count.

So far our Winnipeggers’ are highly unimpressed that Jets may lose out on a playoff spot.  Let’s hope this isn’t another event like last season when the Atlanta Thrashers were close, but no cigar when they didn’t make the cut. Like certain bitter Peggers, Claude Noel is not singing their praises about the power play efforts as of late. “Not real happy”, are the words Noel used to describe his team’s performance after Tuesday’s loss.  “I’ll be relentless in my pursuit to get us to where we wanna go”. Well hopefully where they ‘wanna go’ is to the play offs and not to the trade centre February 27.  Good luck Noel, you will need it!

The horrible power play is costing us games and status. Those players not under contract, that do not want to get traded, better step in line if they don’t want their talent put up for auction, because this next set of games here in the Peg are so very detrimental to this team. I am very literal when I say we need to man up our competition or because even with our oppositions man down – we seem to lose big!

The Jets need to stay sharp and fight to the death or they will continue to fall down the rabbit hole. Figure out what works and what doesn’t and change it fast! The next 14 days will prove whether or not the Jets are deserving of a much sought after playoff spot. They need to have more vim and vigour if they want to bust out a win against the Minnesota Wild tonight at the Xcel Energy Centre.

As newly invigorated team you would hope they put their money where their mouth is and try harder to make it to playoffs.  Winnipeg gave you back your “Jets”, now you give us a worthy playoff team!

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