Ordering your new Winnipeg Jets jersey

Tomorrow, September 6 is going to mark another happy mile stone for Winnipeg Jets fans. It’s the day the home and away jerseys will be revealed. Much like you, we can hardly wait.

Unlike the logo merchandise that was stock piled in advance of the release, the understanding is this won’t be the case for the jersey. Attempting to control this release is a good thing to help prevent counterfeit items from reaching the market.

So how do I get my hands on a new Winnipeg Jets jersey?

There are a few ways you can do it legally. The easiest way is to try and order it on the NHL store online. You know they won’t be selling any fakes.

The other, likely easier way to order your new custom jersey, is through an authorized licensed store. Thankfully we’ve taken the hard work of searching around for them and provided an easy one-click option for you.

You can order a plain home or away jersey for just $119. Or you can go fully customized home or customized away jersey for just $178. These are officially licensed NHL jerseys shipped from Canada.

We’ve placed the order for our 2011 inaugural Winnipeg Jets jersey, have you?

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