MTS Centre Done Deal

Well the big announcement has come and gone and while other major sponsors were not announced, as we suggested the MTS Centre was not renamed and a new deal was reached extending the current agreement that was set to expire in 2013 for ten years to 2021 with another ten year option that would take it to 2031.

“Today’s announcement represents what will be the largest single corporate partnership commitment to True North Sports & Entertainment and our new NHL Hockey Club,” said Jim Ludlow, President & CEO, True North Sports & Entertainment. “This deal underscores the level of commitment from a leading corporate citizen in Manitoba to the sustainability and long-term viability of NHL hockey in our marketplace.”

“MTS and True North share a common vision for the people and the growth of this province. Like True North, MTS is the home team – our roots are here,” said Pierre Blouin, Chief Executive Officer, MTS Allstream. “Our brands are both synonymous with community as well as bringing the highest quality services to Manitobans – be it entertainment or telecommunications – and we are thrilled that our name will continue to be synonymous with hockey excellence.”

The two parties were hush hush on the terms but the last agreement saw MTS pay $7 million over the ten years. When we look at other naming rights in the NHL and take into consideration that Ludlow said it was a “watershed” agreement compared to the other small market teams in the NHL we can imagine it’ll fall in the range of $1-$3 million a year.

Toronto’s Air Canada Centre avg’s $1.5 million a year on a $30 million 20 year term. Buffalo’s HSBC Arena is $15 million over 15 years. Phoenix’s Arena is $25 million over 10 years. The Philip’s Arena deal with Atlanta was $180 million over 20 years.

Ludlow also went on to say the team name likely won’t be decided on as soon as had hoped for and that fans will likely have to wait until after the draft.

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