Let’s get ready to Crumble or Just Stumble

The Jets season is fast approaching. The Jets struggles continued well into the off season. The management once again failed to address issues that repeatedly plague this hockey team. The core includes Ladd, Bogo, Buff, Kane, Wheeler, and Little. The Jets have put a lot of faith into these 6 players, as many of them are locked up long term with a substantial price tag attached.

However when looking at the core you quickly notice the lack of D-men included as well as the huge omission of a goalie. If you were to take a look and breakdown the core of most teams in the NHL you would come to realize that often a goalie and a prominent defencemen  are included within that teams core.

The Rangers, Canadiens and Kings all of which made the final four last season have both a goalie and prominent D-men within their core. Many other playoff teams have this as well, non playoff teams on the other hand have yet to establish this.

The notion out in the hockey world is that this particular core is not good enough. That is a fair assumption, however, fingers could also be pointed in the direction of the supporting cast. The lack of supporting cast members is blatantly obvious. The acquisition of Mathieu Perreault does little to solve this issue. In what way does this player who just had a semi break out year and carries with him the trademark of the Winnipeg Jets that being unproven consistency carry this team to the promise land.

The Jets have more questions than a football roster.

Will Trouba continue his rise? Will Pavelec break through and establish more stability within the pipes? When there is a separate question regarding each individual  player isn’t that some sort of indication changes need to be made. Do you think the Kings are wondering if Carter will improve, in Kopitar and Doughtry can repeat their phenomenal play, I think not. I know these are the Stanley Cup champs, but you can select many of the playoff teams and I bet none of them have as many concerns with their roster players as the Jets do.

Throwing this team out on the ice and hoping magic is created is a huge risk if you ask me. Bringing in a former Duck won’t turn this team into the Mighty Ducks. Right now the GM is more confused than a fat kid being handed a carrot stick for dessert.

They simply can’t compete in their division. I put as much thought into that statement as Cheveldayoff has on improving the Jets during the summer. All the teams around them are getting better and Jets have decided to go with the status quo. The GM is relying heavily on drafting well and is often reluctant to dip his foot into free agency or make a trade. Drafting alone will not create a contender.

Again just look at the contenders and winners in the past few seasons, it’s obvious. The real reason he is adverse to going these two routes is that he is cash strapped. He has invested so much money into his core. He cannot afford to make many moves.

The GM will soon realize the Blue Bomber model might be something he should consider.

They have a plan and that plan started with a stable core.

Cheveldayoff has to hope that this will be the year the core steps up the way he envisioned or else changes will finally be made.

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