Lets Get Mean!

Wow, what a playoffs it has been thus far. I don’t think I can remember a team in my brief life where all the teams have been this competitive and down right nasty. There has been head shots, suspensions, and fisticuffs in almost every game. Teams like St. Louis and San Jose, who don’t have much of a rivalry to speak of are trying to kick the living crap out of each other.

The Jets played hard down the stretch, and made a push for the playoffs, but I’m not so sure if they had made the playoffs, that we would be thinking a first round series win. If we would have made it, we would be going at it with New York Rangers who walloped the rest of the Eastern Conference for a better part of the season. We lost all four games to the Broadway Blueshirts and in the words of Forest Gump, “That’s all I have to say about that.” You can try to convince me every which way about how the playoffs is where records are kicked to the curb and any team can win. Yes that is true, but I don’t see the Jets as having enough depth to take the grind of what has been a battle in the post-season. The thing that Rangers have this year over the Jets in terms of depth is the Boyle, Prust, Fedotenko line. Boyle has all of sudden become that goal scores we need who can also throw his weight around. Prust is a nasty bugger who will tango with pretty much anyone in the league, and as for Fedotenko, he just scores game winning goals to clinch the Stanley Cup. (think back to Tampa Bay in ’04)

However there is light at the end of the tunnel, or I think there is. We did beat every other team in the East that made the playoff at least once. Some more than once, like Philly for instance. They are playing pretty solidly and it looks like they have become bugs under Crosby and the rest of the Penguins skin. I don’t know if there is a more dangerous team in the league. They are playing with pure toughness and have the win at all cost mentality it takes to hoist the Cup (like I know what it takes, but I can only assume)

You’re probably wondering what the point is to this article, because all I have done is pretty much just bash the Jets. I see it more as calling a spade a spade. The Jets need to get bigger badder, and tougher. And toss skilled in there too. Every team in the playoffs has those guys that can make the world of difference. The Jets simply did not have those guys. There is only so much that Kane, Ladd, and Wheeler could do.

Here are is my list of 2012 Free Agents that I think the Jets should take a stab at.

Skilled Players the Jets should consider

Zach Parise

Brad Boyes – he once scored 43 goals. I think he has potential

Teemu Selanne – We can dream right?

I would love to toss Semin’s name on here, but he is a baby that we don’t need in this town, take a hike to the KHL champ.

The rough and tough

Dustin Penner – Some may say he is lazy but he did have a 30+ goal season. He also has the Manitoba connection.

Jordin Tootoo – Yet another guy with connections to Manitoba, he can fight, we only have one of those guys and he needs to be re-signed (Tanner Glass)

Darcy Hordichuck – Another nasty bugger

Travis Moen – He can score goals too!

Arron Asham – Praire Boy…

Brandon Prust – I love everything about the way he plays.

The Jets playoff hopes will have to wait until next season but as for now all we die-hard Jets fans can do is sit here and wait for the draft and July 1st. Oh yeah, and go back to cheering for the team you used to cheer for before the return of the Jets. Happy playoff watching everyone!

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I am Creative Communications Student at Red River College who has a passion for writing and sports. I host a weekly sports talk show called Behind the Bench every Thursday at 5:00 CST on 92.9 Kick-FM. I'm born and raised in Winnipeg and I am excited to have the Jets back in town.