Jets knocked off their stools and outta the race

That’s it party’s over, as the anchor goes down for the Jets, they will not be going anywhere except for hitting the road to finish the last 6 games of their season. “Just trying to win the game is our biggest objective”. Says Claude Noel pre-game. But the Jet-fuel wasn’t enough to grab a win.

After pretty much blowing their playoff spot Monday night against Ottawa Senators, the Jets have secured their fate with their most recent loss to the New York Rangers game at the MTS centre last night.  The Jets 0.7% of slipping into 8th spot was cut at the seams with their 3rd consecutive loss at home when they needed it the most!

There is no need to count on the next 4 out of 6 games on the road that they needed to win – When push came to shove -Jets couldn’t even do it on home-ice, where they usually dominate.  Maybe it’s because Rangers are one of the top team s in the Eastern Division, or maybe they just couldn’t man up when they needed to.  Either way it’s a sad story any way you put it.

When it came down to it, losing on home-ice is where our adored jets story ends, and they must accept the inevitable -OUT! There are no more mathematical equations that can put them back to the 8th spot they once held onto so vigorously.

With so much hope for such a young team, their efforts win or lose, were undeniable! But damn what a way to go. Props must go to Claude Noel who has brought this team a long way. It’s too bad that Winnipeg will not see a post season game as the Jets just could not pull one more out from under their sleeves.

Not enough road wins is really what it comes down to. But hopefully that doesn’t stop them from trying hard as they hit the road Friday with some bruised egos. It’s unfortunate that the Jets just took one too many licks from the road warrior teams, but they did put up somewhat of a good fight!

The good news is -with young bucks like highest scoring 20 year old in the league Evander Kane, Zach Bogosian (21), and Alexander Burmistrov (20), we are bound to have enough angst, vitality, and talent to grab a playoff spot and take it down next season.

It’s just too bad that we couldn’t see them make it rain at the MTS Centre for a playoff game!

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