Jets name confirmed

They will be called the Jets much to the excitement of every Winnipeg Jets fan around the globe. When they will actually announce it is still unknown. Reports on indicate their sources inside True North Sports and Entertainment (TNSE) have assured them that the team name will be the Jets. Whether it’s Winnipeg Jets or Manitoba Jets is still to be released. If they’re wrong, they tweeted that they’ll donate $1000 to charity…and we’ll be sure to hold them to that.

We sent of a quick email to Scott Brown, Director of Communications with TNSE to confirm or deny the leak of information. As expected he was tight lipped and advised us to “be careful what you believe when it comes to leaks.” And to you our readers, we offer the same advice.

Should the above naming leak be true, the other exciting and unknown is the release date of the team name? Logic dictates it has to be after the Board of Governors meeting which happens tomorrow. It would also be cool if it happened before the draft that starts on June 24. What would be totally awesome, and really pump up the crowd would be to release the name live in-front of a packed MTS Centre at the Draft Party that goes this Friday.

Even when the name is confirmed to be the Jets, a logo is still likely weeks away. Our instinct still tells us that we need to look through the emotional cloud and explore the logical side closer. That logic and instinct leads us to believe the name as well will not be released this week. Then again, we’ve been wrong before.

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