Can Jets Face the Fire and Take it Down on the Road?

As the Jets on-the-road average has kept their game points down all year, they better hope they can do better this time around. Thank god our power play has gone up 10 for 19 in the last 6 games, and we aren’t wasting valuable power play minutes dancing around anymore.

As the MTS centre gets ‘STUD’ status by ‘That’s Hockey’ commentators as the best fan support in the league, hopefully their 3-game winning streak won’t fade when they don’t have the support of the 15,000 plus fans in the rafters for their upcoming road games. Playing the next 9 out of 14 on the road, you better hope that electric energy travels well, or we could be in trouble.

Still, we hold 8th spot in the Eastern Conference but what’s ‘impressed’ Claude Noel the most is “how well we cover for each other”. Yes we will need to be doing plenty of that when the Jets hit the Vancouver Canucks in Van city tonight. Just trailing behind the  Ottawa Senators (78 pts), we have 72 and only 2 ahead of the Washington Capitals we better step up our might and perform!

We will need a lot of steam heading into this game against the Canucks, and we gotta get points or be at high risk as Washington could gain on us at any moment. Expectantly, our Jets will try to keep their comments to themselves in this match up as to not upset the very sensitive and whiny, Kevin Bieksa. But hopefully, we can keep him pouting in the corner where he belongs. It will be a tough one to grab however, as Vancouver is 2nd leading spot in the Western Conference with 90 pts.

We need to be extremely cohesive and shut the door on these playoff teams. The Jets need to set the standards because when we DO make the playoffs, we don’t want to be chewed up and spit out, but rather do the chewing instead.  If we can pick on the Canucks like we did on the Buffalo Sabres like a little school yard girl, it will put us up in the ranks where we belong.

If Blake Wheeler and Bryan Little can lead the charge like they’ve been doing, then I am sure the GST line (Tanner Glass, Chris Thorburn, and Jim Slater) will follow suit. They seem to get down and dirty and get the goals in when we need it most.

If we don’t pick up the pace on the road, the Jets will be left licking their wounds at the end of this playoff race. So let’s do what you’re paid to do and get the puck in the net. This isn’t a game of pick-up anymore, this is a race – and we need to win it. Play hard = Win Hard…

Get it? Got it? Good!

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