Are you IN it or OUT? Jets make up your mind!

Playing like ‘we are in the playoffs’ may be great and exciting but we need to hit harder under all circumstances! Not just when we have an arena stacked with screaming fans, but when we pack up and hit the road. It seems that 4 day hiatus really hit home and the boys seemed to figure it out – losing is not an option! Finally they can put their money where their mouth is and pull a few out of the rabbit hat.

The fact that we had a hope and a prayer stopping the hot ‘very hot’ Dallas Stars (10-0-1), was a miracle in itself. As 3rd in Western Conference and 81 points, Jets finally took charge and shut up some competition. Finally, the playoff determination is back, I just don’t understand why we cannot keep it together anywhere but the MTS centre. The peg can’t hold your hand the entire time you go through the playoffs, if and when you ever get there.

Yes the dynamics seem to work, even amazing at times when they hit the ice at home, but that seems to be the end of the story. Even with this gung-ho attitude now of ‘in it to win it’, we are still stacked 2 spots behind Washington Capitals with who have been kicking our ass royally. If we want to take a stand and be a contender again, we are going to have to beat them and hard on Friday’s match up!

We need to run the table in the next two games or we can kiss a real ‘Winnipeg whiteout’ goodbye for playoff games.  The next two home games are critical to regaining their ‘jet fuel’ and acquiring a push to reach 8th place. And we need to make sure the Washington Capitals stay put in order to do this.

So boys let’s make up your mind to stay in it, or not.  With each and every fan at the edge of their seats game time, you better believe we still have high hopes for our precious cargo to get us back to where we were and fly us home. Playoff date, to be announced!

So let’s get your swords boys, you’re going to need them!

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