Must Hit Caps Where it Hurts, or Jets Go Golfing!

In the battle of their lives to hang on to any chance at a play-off spot, the Jets await their most critical showdown of the season this Friday night.  As the untimely fall into oblivion seems to be lurking at their door, we have one more breath before it’s all over.

With our backs against the wall after 2 huge losses, and 10th place in the conference (34-31-8), we have a slim chance of kicking the dirt off our boots before our faces are shoved in the mud yet again. Even with one of the best records in the league for home game wins, we are infamous for the worst away games-ever!

After getting schooled by the Pittsburgh Penguins and the ‘all-better’ Sidney Crosby, ‘making the cut’ looks doubtful. And not to mention Evgeni Malkin and James Neal rocked them sideways with their dynamite duo scoring 5 goals and 3 assists at Tuesday’s game. You can bet the Jets will be fired up to crush the Caps Friday eve because frankly, they don’t have a choice.

Enough talk about how they are going to channel the road games to win – if you haven’t done it thus far, chances are it ain’t happening! You either have it, or you don’t. And as evidence you only seem to ‘have’ it at the MTS centre. A little F.Y.I – we cannot up and haul the MTS Centre to the Capital city or on your road games next year either, so you’re going to have to learn some new tricks boys. We can’t hold your hand!

“We came so far and to do this…to disrespect each other like this was silly,” Claude Noel says describing the 3rd period against the Carolina Hurricanes. I can’t imagine the pep talk they’ll be getting tomorrow before stepping on the ice to face the Washington Caps who have dominated the 8th spot.

Friday night at the Verizon Centre, the Jets pipe dream for making play-off spot their first year back could be kissed goodbye until next year. If they do not win the next 8 of 9 games they are toast. And you may have to do a little better than chanting ‘Crosby’s Better”, to rock Alex Ovechkin this time around.

We must put our nose to the grindstone and step up like the champions we know we can be. If we can’t pull it up ten notches for tomorrow’s game and give the big line the support it needs, we will be seeing our friends playing on the green and not on the ice.

Good luck tomorrow, let’s lay Ovi on the floor!

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