A second chance at Winnipeg NHL season tickets

Jets fan counting coinsWere you one of the thousands that didn’t manage to click at the exact right split second, just as the clock struck 12:00 on June 4, 2011? Do you even know why I would ask? If you’re a Winnipeg hockey fan, you know the answer. That’s the time that True North Sports and Entertainment (TNSE) released the remaining 5,842 season tickets to the general public.

We tried, and unfortunately failed. We were really hoping to snag some as prizing for our readers (so if you have some you don’t want to use, please let us know). Well as luck would have it, we’re on the waiting list – along with roughly another 7,998 fans. That’s simple math, since TNSE capped the list at (a respectable) 8,000 and we hold 2 spots.

Well there’s good news for you, and possibly even us. It turns out the TNSE is canceling season tickets. According to the Winnipeg Free Press article, our friend at TNSE Scott Brown, director of corporate communications, stated that since Monday it has already canceled a number of season ticket orders from people who didn’t want to play by the rules.

I’ve actually thought about this in the past as well. Not the scalping part that the rumors are rampant about, but the fact that, according to Brown, all the fans have done is put down a deposit on the right to purchase a ticket. That’s the key right there. You’ve got the right to purchase a ticket. He continues by stating that if the fans complete all the proper steps, they will own the tickets.

Let that be a lesson to you. It’s always easier to do things on the legit and legal side of things in the long run. And like us at winnipegwhiteout.com, you can keep your fingers crossed and hope that your name & number come up on the waiting list.

We can’t seem to find any ranking of who’s where on the waiting list and no communication was sent giving us a number. Do you think you’ve got a chance?

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