Game 7 win: 18 Years in the Making

As Game 7 awaits the New York Rangers and the Ottawa Senators to declare the series defeat, a great conspiracy debate edges on about the unfair advantage the Senators seem to have over the Rangers.  Even with a 3-2 win in Ottawa, Lundqvist still believes it was an unfair situation with the refereeing as the kicked in-goal by Neil on Monday night’s game was considered acceptable.”Someone wants them back in the game, obviously, because there’s no other explanation” he announced after game 6.

But now with a clear state of mind before heading into a critical game 7, this Vezina Trophy contender said “every time you’re in a game where your season is on the line, the mental aspect is a bigger challenge” and he is just trying to keep an open mind on the game ahead.

Even though it has been 18 years since this New York team has won a game 7, the Rangers, like our Jets, tend to do well when they have home-ice advantage, and with lofty hopes to grab a win. Yet Ottawa still seems confident about an anticipated win against the Rangers tonight at Madison Square Garden, but there are many hoping the Rangers will take it from them.

The outlook is good for the Rangers as they were deemed top-seeded team in the east. Even though Alfredsson is ready for the win, he will have to be quick in his step to get by dynamo forward Brad Richards.  Hopefully he shows up like he did in game 6 at Scotia Bank Place.

But as the Sens are great on the road, as exemplified in the past when they seized a 6-4 win on our home ice at the MTS Centre March 26th. I am confident the New York Rangers will get their graveyard back, tearing the Sens down and take Game 7. As Pavelec said back in March, “The Rangers are a hard team to play against, and it’s pretty simple I don’t think this is the hockey that will take us to the playoffs(playing against the Rangers) ” and Pavelec was right.  Though the Rangers made it to the playoffs and the Jets did not, it was always expected of the Rangers would take the series win when it came time for these crucial match-ups.

Unfortunately for the Jets, rumour has it though, that our great Pavelec, a RFA, is a possible candidate for a KHL team in the Czech Republic, where Pavelec is originally from.  If the Jets cannot sign him, I know that many of the die-hard Winnipeg fans will be extremely disappointed!

But as the looming mystery goes on about beloved Pavelec, it is a similar story within Vancouver, of whether or not Mike Gillis will keep Roberto Luongo around with the Vancouver franchise. Luongo has already declared he will “wave his no-trade clause” if it comes down to it. 33 yr old Luongo still has 10 years left on his contract but says he’s “fine to go if that’s the decision”. Though it’s farfetched that the Jets would ever see the likes of Luongo, there is a hope and a dream we may be eligible for that of the gifted and humbled unsung hero, Cory Schneider. This 26 yr old is just sitting tight, patiently waiting for his time now as he and everyone else knows he will only get better. And who knows maybe with an unsettled Pavelec, we can acquire someone like Schneider to procure a playoff spot.

But as Vancouver is out and Rangers in, it is up to Lundvist that must pull out all the stops and do his dirty work on the ice tonight and keep Alfredsson and Spezza out to grasp the Game 7 win.

Series ends tonight –Gloves off – Take ’em out!

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