Faceoff Festival fun for all at the Forks

I did not know what to expect on my way to the NHL kickoff party. Once I arrived I could tell a lot of planning and set up was involved to get this in order. Thank goodness for the weather as that brought way more people out than a normal October in Winnipeg would have.

The set up was awesome, street hockey games, mini rink set ups, hardest shot contests, video game booths, autograph sessions with some of the Winnipeg Jets and don’t forget the smokies and the famous mini donuts!

Playing Hoceky at the Forks

One of the most interesting venues was the fake ice set up where kids were actually playing hockey on skates. It looked a bit weird to me but that’s what made it so interesting. Molson was a major sponsor and had the “Molson Hockey House” set up by the main stage, where you could enter if you were over 18 for an ice cold beer…or two. I found my spot in the grass and relaxed for a bit and took it all in. People watching was very entertaining as there were many people dressed up in there Jets gear and outfits. The best one I saw was a gentleman wearing a full fighter jet pilot outfit with a white futuristic fighter pilot helmet with the Jets logo on it.

The bands were good and got the crowd excited as was expected, the delay time before Bachman and Turner hit the stage was a bit long but it was made up for. Overall the event was ran very well and I did not see anyone that wasn’t having a good time. This was a great start to probably one of the most memorable Thanksgiving weekends in Manitoba and NHL history. I cannot wait to be there on Sunday!

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