Exciting things are happening

There appears to be no shortage of things keeping us busy these days and I wanted to take a few minutes to share them with you so that we can involve you. We love our community of readers and hope you feel the same way about us.

Jet Fuel

You’ve probably heard that we’re making a movie. A documentary about hockey fans. “It initially started out as a movie about Jets fans, but somewhere along the way the direction changed a bit to include all hockey fans.” Well, that’s what Jeff said at least. I always had it about hockey fans because I know how crazy and passionate they are about their team. It’s not just us Jets fans that are crazy after all. While we were on our road trip shooting video we were planning to release daily videos. They’re still coming, they’re just a few days late. We’ve partnered with IndieGoGo to help secure some additional financing for the project and we encourage you to donate what you can by visiting jetfuelmovie.com/indiegogo – but you’ve only got 8 days left on that site, so please act fast.

While we’re editing the daily videos, we’ve also been working on direction for the finished production. Last week we had our first production meeting and I must say, the direction and content that we’re going to share is definitely truly exciting. We’re aiming for an early December release, but of course we also want to ensure that the quality is of a true Hollywood movie, so it may be pushed a little bit. You can also pre-order your DVD copy and save some cash as well – just in time for the holiday season.

Offside Gear

This is truly something new and exciting that came as a result of filming Jet Fuel. And of all places to get the idea, it was in Phoenix. We can’t really tell you too much about it, but I would definitely encourage you to visit offsidegear.com and get your email address on the invite list. It’s only going to be available to an exclusive list and we want you to be on the list. We’re confident that you’re going to love some of the things we’re going to have inside. We’re hoping to launch it within the next week or two. I’m headed back to Winnipeg this weekend to finalize our partnerships with suppliers so we can deliver you quality products, reliably and affordably. Any guesses as to what it might be? Check out the site and get your name on the list…today!

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Marshall Stevenson regularly contributes to one of the best Winnipeg Jets blogs as an editor and co-founder while also working on JET FUEL – a documentary about Winnipeg Jets fans. Of course he's also behind the only official, unofficial Jets fan gear site. And as if he wasn't busy enough, a co-host on the popular Winnipeg Jets focused Jets Hockey Podcast.