Crosby’s King! And Back With A Vengeance

Not too long after Sidney Crosby’s return to the Pittsburgh Penguins, has there been a large target placed upon his back by the classless Philadelphia Flyers. With Crosby being one of the most talented, respected and skillful players in the NHL, you would think that with his recent history of concussions and time off the ice that Philly would lay off a little and mark someone else. Targeting a newly rejuvenated Crosby; fresh off the bench; who in 2011 missed more than 100 games, is pathetic and disrespectful.

With a header of ‘Cowardly Penguin’ on the Philadelphia’s Daily News, Crosby’s response was “It’s probably one of the nicer things they’ve said about me” as he laughs, even though Crosby admits to ‘not liking anyone’ on the Flyers – who can blame him?

As it was once questioned whether or not Crosby would in fact return this season, it seems nothing is holding this incredible athlete back. Not even the contentiousness between the Flyers and the Pens would have Sidney unhinged for this series – as evidence in last night’s game in Philly. Trying to hit Crosby where it hurts with a string of disparaging comments, articles, and even tactless t-shirts in Philadelphia, cannot hold this extraordinary player back from displaying his genuine talent on the ice, and in their face.

Unfortunately for Philly, this superman is back to stay, here to play – and play well, as seen by his first-rate slap shots yesterday. Philly, expecting a sweep as James Neal was out due to a suspension for the hit on Claude Giroux – game 3, was in for a blow. Jordan Staal stepped up and took down the hat trick last night on the unsuspecting and extremely unprepared Flyers.  However, this hat-trick was far too familiar, as we saw this previously with Neal taking us down when the Pens hit the Jets back in Pittsburgh March 20th.

Hopefully the Pittsburgh Penguins can take back the series. Looking like it was going to be the beginning of the end with a downward spiral, the Pens were starting to show resemblances of the Jets in their last stretch of the season.  Only improving 4 points since last year, our Winnipeg Jets will need some more amped up action from the likes of Wheeler, Antropov, and Byfuglien.  Nonetheless the popularity and talent seemed to lie heavily within the Winnipeg Jet’s G.S.T. line.

And thank god for our hot-shot tough guys like Thorburn, Stuart, and Slater, who we know will substantially improve the team’s worth in years to come. It’s great to see that any of them can throw a mean 1-2. Taking most of the opposition down hard, these rough-around-the-edges boys don’t fall down easily after taking a few knocks.  With any sort of win the Jets want to capture next season, they better have these gifted players in their line-up!

It’s safe to say that Winnipeg would not have any objections for these certain resilient Jets to take out anyone from the Flyers’ team. With continuous cheap shots from Giroux, Hartness, and Voracek on Crosby, I think the Flyer’s need to gain a little self-respect. Trying to crush Crosby’s legacy and the dream team just isn’t going to happen. Crosby said “I just wanna make sure of finding ways to get to the net.” And he did just that. “We realized pretty quickly that they’re calling all the stuff, the hooks, the holds, the stick stuff, and we gotta be aware of that and stay outta the box.”

Schooling the Flyers a disgusting 10-3, slappers flew past Brobovsky left and right. Malkin, Staal, and Crosby took it down in a major way in Philly last night with a magnitude of killer moves.  Fluery and Dupuis also took advantage of the Philly’s low-blows and continuous penalties, as the Pens scored at almost each and every power play opportunity.

Like our Jets beating Philly with hard wins more than a few times this season, we would definitely have them on their knees like the Pens did. One way to shut the boorish Flyer crowd is to pack ’em down by 7. Well done!

Crosby has found his way back – now let’s keep it that way.

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