Some of the cool things (Las Vegas)

While it’s been over two-weeks since the filming of JET FUEL started along with our road trip, we’re still working on our daily summary videos – the videos that you can watch to see us in action and have a different view of the trip.

Before the memories all fade though, I would love to tell you about some of the different things that we did along our 9,728 km journey. Yes that’s 6,045 miles in our awesome Honda Odyssey from Okotoks Honda. Today we’re going to take a look at Vegas.

Definitely one of the most entertaining places we went to was Las Vegas. It was also one of the few destinations we spent more than one night in. The only other being Winnipeg. Sin City– home of drinking anywhere at any time, fast cars and faster women, and of course a little gambling. I had hoped that we could find a good casino review site to see which casino we should hit, but instead we went with our gut instincts and previous experience while walking the strip.

Myself, I’m a blackjack player. Always have been since a cousin taught it to me back when I was twelve. Of course, my knowledge and strategy of the game has evolved significantly since then. I decided to hit O’Sheas based on the vibe that was coming out. It was definitely a unique casino environment, but I’d recommend it to anyone that’s looking for some high energy and a fun crowd. The table I sat at had all kinds of players. The big fish with his stack of about $3,000 in chips at the anchor position all the way down to the new minimum $10 bet guy in the mix. I walked out with some winnings, though the last dealer hand of 3-8-K really hurt all the players.

Along one stretch of highway, Jeff was talking about roulette and how he loved the game. He figured a system in place while playing on sites like that would help him to minimize losses and increase winnings. I honestly can’t say whether he came out ahead or not, but I’m pretty sure he still had fun.

In addition to Las Vegas, we had overnight stops in Winnipeg, Bloomington, Chicago, Phoenix and Denver. Each city had it’s highlights I’ve been reading up on articles written by and that’s inspired me and so I’ll continue to write about each one. Any preference on which city you’d like to see written about next? How about your Vegas experience…have you had fun in Vegas?

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