We spoke to CBC Information Radio about JET FUEL

This morning we spoke with Marcy Markusa on Information Radio, CBC Radio One in Winnipeg about JET FUEL. They did a great article on the fan passion documentary that we’re working on. Play the clip below, or read the transcript.


Marcy: Jeff Stevenson is on the line this morning from Calgary. Hi Jeff.

Jeff: Hello.

M:So this started out I understand as a road trip, a big road to see some hockey games then grew to something more. So what was the road trip gonna be gimme the cities and all that.

J: Well the original plan was when the schedule was released we wanted to get back to the city for the home opener and realized that getting tickets for that would be pretty tough. So then we look into going to Chicago for the first road game because we figured we might be able to get tickets a little bit easier there, and of course the opportunity to go Phoenix was there as well so had to do that and it kinda just grew from there.

M: So it grew into what?

J: Well now it’s grown into the road trip but also doing the full out video documentary of the journey trying to capture the fans along the way.

M: So you guys are making a big fan based hockey movie, are you movie makers to begin with?

J: I’ve done a little bit there, but we’ve hired someone who’s done it more efficiently in the past so we’ve got some help on it.

M: And what’s your road trip now are you traveling 8,000 km’s or what are you doing?

J: Just over 8,000 kms or 8,128 that we are estimating going all the way from Winnipeg, Chicago, Phoenix a little stop over in Vegas then back to Calgary.

M: Are you partnered with a charity now I understand too?

J: Yes, we’ve partnered with Believe in the Goal, they raise awareness and funds for Cancer Patient Care in Winnipeg.

M: And will they benefit, how will the be involved?

J: Certain parties along the way will be donating the funds to the charities and then a portion of any proceeds we get are going to go them as well.

M: So what’s the actual focus of the film going to be?

J: Focus of the film is a movie about the fans, for the fans, by the fans.

M: Kay, and you are collecting stories just as you go meeting people outside the games and?

J: Yep, we’ve got the website up where fans can submit their stories to us and if we like them and think it’ll fit in the film then we are gonna try and set up times to meet along the way. But we’re also gonna be out there along this whole trip looking for those people that have that passion that we share and wanna share that with the world.

M: Gimme a taste of how exciting this like some of the fan stories you’ve already started hearing about this?

J: One of the first people that contacted us, that helped contribute to the film was from the UK. They grew up in Winnipeg and has moved away. They have a Jets tattoo on their leg from when they were here and have a custom Jets licence plate over in the UK right now.

M: Wow, and how did you hear from this person?

J: They must have been one of the people that followed us on the website originally. We have 81 different countries that regularly follow us and they just contacted us through the JET FUEL website.

M: 81 different countries? Like ex-Winnipegers all over the place?

J: We are assuming they are exWinnipegers but 81 different countries regularly follow us  on the website.

M: Really? On Winnipeg Whiteout is that what it’s called?

J: WinnipegWhiteOut.com, yep.

M: So what is the deadline for collecting all these stories? Will it be all ongoing and people can send them in on the website as you go along?

J: Pretty much, we are going to be pretty flexible with it. We want to capture the passion as it happens so we could just be walking around and if someone comes up and shows they deserve to be in the film we are going to put them in.

M: So lets tap into some of your hockey craze here.

J: Sure.

M: This is a big undertaking like who were you when you were in Winnipeg. I was talking about my Dale Hawerchuck crush earlier. You know I would have been like 8, 12, 13 when the highlight of the Jets 1987. Who were you did you go to every game, were you a young kid grew up with the Jets?

J: I grew up and my Dad would take me to as many games as we could afford at the time. He would rotate between taking me or my brother to a game. And just growing up with that hockey around just meant so much. A couple players stick out in my mind. Ray Neufeld was one throwing the pucks over in the warm ups as a little kid I thought it was the greatest thing and I always wanted to get that puck and actually ironically enough I had written a story about that moment and someone I met knew him and heard the story and went out of her way to contact Ray and get me a puck nowadays.

M: So, Jeff why not move back? You know we’ve got more heart then Calgary. I don’t know if you heard but we have no mosquitoes this summer. It’s hot and the Bombers are doing good too.

J: To be honest I was back a week ago and I noticed a different energy in the city and the excitement and passion for the city that I haven’t seen in sometime and I have to be honest I haven’t not thought about moving back a day since the Jets came back.

M: Wow, means a lot to you. thanks for your time. I think you’re bang on with the energy we are all pretty excited about it here in Winnipeg. So good luck with your film.

J: Thanks, thanks for having me.

M: Bye.

J: Bye.

So what do you think? What do you hope to see in JET FUEL?

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