2012 Winnipeg Jets Plays of the Year

On June 1, 2012 the Jets Hockey Podcast celebrated one year of the return of the NHL to Winnipeg. In the show we selected the Top 12 Winnipeg Jets Plays of the Year and have compiled all the clips into two different videos for you below.

Top 12 Plays of the Year as chosen by JHP
#12 – Ondrej Pavelec slides across to rob Henrik Tallinder
#11 – Nik Antropov dekes out Sergei Bobrovski
#10 – Evander Kane converts a pretty move to beat Tim Thomas
#9 – Nik Antropov catches, kicks and then backhands it over Ryan Miller
#8 – Ondrej Pavelec steals a goal away from Marc-Andre Bouchard
#7 – Ben Maxwell’s nifty spinning back hand to rally a comeback against Michael Neuvirth
#6 – Nik Antropov scores Winnipeg’s first goal back in the NHL against Carey Price
#5 – Bryan Little capitalizes on the Flying W 5 on 1 play against Jose Theordore
#4 – Ondrej Pavelec leaps to deny Jaromir Jagr
#3 – Blake Wheeler burns the entire Flames team before scoring on Mikka Kipprusof
#2 – Chris “Sniper” Thorburn earns his nick name with our choice for Jets goal of the year on Ryan Miller
#1 – Ondrej Pavelec’s save of the year and possibly TSN’s play of the year coming from no where to take away Jacub Vorachek’s open net.

Top 12 plays of the year (6-12)

Top 5 plays of the year

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