2012 NHL All-Star weekend in Ottawa sets off

Official kick-off for the 2012 Tim Horton’s All-Star weekend in Ottawa starts today and in full force. As we have captains Chara of the Bruins, and Alfredsson of the host Senators chosen, it will be a sizzling contest of the might choosing the mighty in the upcoming All-Star draft later on today. Depending on who gets first pick after the flip of the puck, it’s a toss-up between fellow teammates Bruins, Tim Thomas and Senators, top scorer Jason Spezza.

Friday’s line-up is the NHL All-Star skills competition. From the fastest skater, breakaway challenges and superior shoot-outs, this weekend is bound to be entertaining for all ages. As fans everywhere will be watching the game Sunday eve, unfortunately for Peg city, the Jets are left out of this mix. After frustrating turnovers, another loss and dreadful let down in New York to the Rangers at 3-0, should we be surprised the jets are not in the All-Star game?

Maybe, maybe not! With the only Jets player selected, defenseman Dustin Byfuglien, taken out of the All-Star line-up due to his ongoing knee injury and replaced by Penguins, Kris Letang, our Winnipeg Jets will not be sporting their talents in any skills competition this weekend. Hopefully they can get the rest they need for a turbulent second half. As Winnipeg’s expectations are high for this True North team, you can be sure the next half of their season will have knock-out results. So while the All-Stars are in Ottawa, our loveable homeboys will be taking it easy lying low, and with any luck kick some ass in their up-coming game January 31 in Philly against the Flyers.

So with Dustin Byfuglien, Mikka Koivu, Jonathan Toews, and Ryan Nuggent-Hopkins out with injuries, it’s Kris Letang, Jordan Eberle, Scott Hartnell, and Nick Johnson in!  The only All-Star to withdraw himself from the competition is a very sour Alex Ovechkin, as he doesn’t feel like his heart will be in it due to his 3 game suspension. A guess could be that he may be too busy with his hip hop career to focus all his efforts on the game – good call Alex!

As Ottawa fans are extremely disappointed with this stunt by Ovechkin, James Neal, who is now tied as second leading scorer with Jonathan Toews at 27 goals this season, gets his chance to woo fans with his remarkable talents. With 36 vets and only 12 rookies, this All-star event will have the fans pumped for an incredible weekend and electrifying game of the best playing the best.

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