Potential jersey discovered for 2011 NHL Draft

As we reported Saturday, the proposed date for the Winnipeg NHL franchise team name isn’t likely to be known until sometime mid-August. Speculation of course states that it would be a reasonable assumption that it would go after the board governors approved the final decision to actually sell the Atlanta thrashers franchise to True North Sports and Entertainment (TNSE). One great question that always arises is what will the draft candidates wear on draft day?

If you go back and you look at the 1995 draft when the Québec Nordiques relocated the franchise to Colorado, the team had not been named by the draft. In fact there was still speculation on whether the team was going to be named Colorado or Denver – an issue that’s also being speculated with the relocated franchise to Winnipeg, or will it be Manitoba.

In 1995 Colorado selected goalie Marc Denis, 25th overall in the draft. When his name was called, he walked on stage to shake hands and allow for photo opportunities. But what did his jersey look like? Our research shows us that, like some of the other players, a generic black sweater with the NHL shield on the front was worn.

Ironically the 1995 draft was the last for the Winnipeg Jets and it was Shane Doan, the lone remaining Jets player with the Phoenix Coyotes franchise, that was selected number seventh overall.

Winnipeg fans, you can now rest at night knowing that your 2011/12 NHL draft pick won’t be naked on draft day. Although, we wouldn’t be surprised if some of our readers would love to see him that way?

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