We’re hiring: NHL team writers

Are you passionate about hockey? Do you have something to say but nowhere to say it? Look no further than the best Winnipeg Jets fan site on the internet.

We’re passionate about hockey and more importantly, the Winnipeg Jets! We’re looking for new talent to join our team.

Our qualifications are simple:

  • Be passionate about hockey
  • Ability to contribute one original piece each week
  • Ability to write your thoughts with a fairly solid grasp of the English language

Additional bonus:

  • Previous writing experience using WordPress
  • Be a season ticket holder
  • Be open to a guest spot on our Winnipeg Jets podcast

In the past we’ve really restricted our writers to just the Winnipeg Jets organization (including it’s affiliates). We’ve determined there’s so much more to say amongst hockey fans and we need to hear what you have to say.

The new season is under way and we’re opening our site up to more fans of more teams than just our own beloved Jets. We’re always looking to recruit top talent, much like any organization. This is a ground floor position to become an integral part of a growing team. As we grow our reader base and generate revenue, you will be included in part of our revenue profit plan.

Send us a note using our contact form with some information about your experience and why you’d like to join us. Please have one or two writing samples available either published online, or ready to email.

We look forward to hearing from you and welcoming you to the family.