We’re hiring: Editor

Are you passionate about hockey? Do you have something to say but nowhere to say it? Look no further than the best Winnipeg Jets fan site on the internet.

We’re passionate about hockey and more importantly, the Winnipeg Jets! We’re looking for new talent to join our team – an all-star editor!

We’ve got some qualifications, most of which are simple:

  • Be passionate about hockey
  • Ability to contribute one original piece each week
  • Ability to write your thoughts with a fairly solid grasp of the English language
  • Ability to edit other writers work for style
  • Knowledge of HTML and WordPress is a must

The time has come to open up the opportunity for a new captain. Someone to lead the site to the cup finals and beyond. Don’t get us wrong, as founders we’re still passionate about the Winnipeg Jets and WinnipegWhiteout.com but we’re also realistic in all of our other online pursuits. We need someone to call the shots and lead the team to victory.

You’ll have to fit with the current team of writers and founders and have a vision of where WinnipegWhiteout.com can be taken. Ideas and management of an editorial calendar are extra bonus items. We know the right person is out there that gets it. That completely has the vision we have and the time, knowledge and network to take WWo to the higher heights. Who knows, maybe that’s you?

Send us a note using our contact form with some information about your experience and why you’d like to join us. Please have one or two writing samples available either published online, or ready to email.

We look forward to hearing from you and welcoming you to the family.