In-Danger Rangers – Will Top-Seed lose out of Stanley Run?

Devils laid it down early in the first period 3-zip after only 10 minutes, making the Rangers chances very slim to come back up. But from that beating, NY managed to crawl out of the hole and tie it up.  As Marty almost knocked in a goal himself, after that – it was bat out of hell Devils as their drive increased ten-fold.

Unfortunately for the Rangers they lost big in the 3rd making it 5-3 in the last 5 seconds of play. I really thought best-dressed Lundqvist would have tied up the series for the Rangers in game 5. Now hanging on by a thread, the Rangers need their rest to have any chance to face-off with the Kings next Wednesday May 30th hopefully on home turf.

Evidence of a tired Rangers team could not be ignored. But an up and down Tortorella is still very optimistic.  “Again I have tremendous amounts of confidence and know we will react to this” he said after last night’s game. I am however, confident we will get to see Tortorella vs. Sutter soon enough. Sutter has taken the Kings and turned them around in a very short time post-season, so they have a very good chance at taking the cup home.

As Manitobaville’s Dustin Penner and Mike Richards have a huge presence with the Kings, we know who Peggers will be cheering for come the Stanley Cup final. Both scoring in the last game of the series, Penner took it home in OT, sending LA to the cup. The Kings will be hard to beat, whether they play in New York or New Jersey – their on-the-road record is unstoppable.

Kings haven’t had a chance at the Stanley Cup since ’93 so they should be counting their blessings they have our talent to back the team. Though going on after an ‘over-looked’ knee bang by Dustin Brown on Rozsival, there was no penalty or suspension for Brown? Not likely. Either way these Western conference winners deserved the win.

Though Rangers got stacked by the Devils, this eastern conference top seed has the potential to make a come-back, and after two big losses they need a major turnaround. And though the Rangers out-shot the Devils all night long, old Marty wasn’t letting anything else get by, nor was the most desirable free agent in the league,  27 yr old Zach Parise.

Rangers need to bring more intensity and less emotion if they are have any chance at the Cup.  NY homeboy Zach Bogosian is most likely cheering for the Rangers this year.  Whomever he’s routing for, he and fellow Jets should be training hard; anticipating the draft picks come June. Even though the Jets cap is an estimated 12 million or so, the franchise is not signing everyone.  They are doing extensive player picks to get their team in top form, and assessing who fits best.

You would think the UFA’s would try to keep a high profile here in hopes to maintain a close relationship with one of the best franchises in the league. Public relations are key in this city.

As a long list of UFA’s include: Mason, Jones, Flood, Wellwood, Glass, Slater, Stapleton, and Maxwell, it will be interesting to see who stays and who goes.

Who do you think the Jets need to sign to be a contender next season?

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