Odds are out for early betting on 2015 Stanley Cup champion

Time is of the essence for anyone interested in getting in on some pre-season action to pick this years Stanley Cup hopeful. Odds makers are positioning the Chicago Blackhawks as this years early favourite.

As a Winnipeg Jets fan looking for some odds, ice hockey betting at William Hill is a quick site to see the Jets positioned as 66/1 odds. Those odds have actually improved over the past few weeks. When I first checked they were 100/1 so it’s like we’ve already won a little bit.

There’s no surprise that down at the bottom of the pile you can find the Edmonton Oilers, Buffalo Sabres and Florida Panthers all at 150/1 on hoisting the 2015 Stanley Cup.

As any Jets fan can attest, it’s with great hope that the team we’ve seen on the ice in pre-season will be better when it comes to regular season play – you know, when it actually matters.

Be sure to dig in to some of the numbers the Jets are looking for this year from key players. Sadly though I think when it comes to betting, I’d be more inclined to bet on a (more) sure thing than the Winnipeg Jets…unless we’re betting on draft position in which case it’ll likely be a high position. If you like sports and betting, you should try betting on sports at https://uk.mansionbet.com/sports/darts/.

For the team hoisting Lord Stanley’s cup in 2015, I’d have to look at one of the early favorites, I’m just not sure which one to pick. I know it’s early, but who’s your pick for the upcoming champ?

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