Winnipeg Jets Logo and Jersey Concepts

  • Zak Katz

    Those are gorgeous! Well done.

    • By-Tor

      You might want to check your spelling of there

  • Zak Katz

    Those are gorgeous! Well done.

  • Gäst

    W I N I N I P E G ? LOL

  • Jay

    The old old jets logo wordmark makes this design look extremely dated.

  • Anonymous

    My only thoughts are maybe that it’s more about a winning team. Like “Win In Peg” you know?

    He’s fixing it now ;)

  • Jeff Stevenson

    Thanks for the spelling catch, it’s fixed and just uploadeing corrected spelling now

  • Jd The Super Bunny

    Not really that good. Too complex. MB with jet too busy. Odd x height on the word Jets. Winnipeg awkwardly placed. Sorry.

    • Jd The Super Fox

      Meant cap height not x height.

  • Jason Colpitts

    I like the idea, but the main logo with Jets and WInnipeg on there seems too busy/complex; I do like the jet superimposed on Manitoba, though. At the very least, if not a main logo, it would be an awesome shoulder logo.

  • Miles Ilieski

    I like that, that’s a good idea

  • Zeddy

    I LOVE these designs! I’m a Leafs fan (please have pity on me) but I would buy one of these sweaters if they were produced. Excellent job.

    • Jeff Stevenson

      Thanks :)

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  • Srgarner

    Not bad, but I’d prefer to see an aircraft the RCAF has used, or a jet historically significant to Winnipeg and Manitoba. That looks to be the silhouette of an F-14 Tomcat, which, to my knowledge, the RCAF has never flown. But, I know a logo/mascot doesn’t need to be entirely accurate. Good effort.

    • Qmonster

      It’s an F-111 but either way, you’re right. I think a silhouette of an CF-104 Starfighter would look awesome

  • Dave

    Who cares what the logo and sweater look like!!!!  Be thankful NHL HOCKEY is back in WINNIPEG!!!!! :)

    • joe

      Who cares what it looks like? Wow your an idiot.

      • Leafs

        You mean you’re an idiot. Idiot. Learn how to spell.

  • Sioux

    I think these look pretty awesome

  • Sioux

    I think these look pretty awesome

  • Qmonster

    I’d say if you wanted to put a jet in the logo, use a Canadian one