Jets…That’s It! That’s All!

It’s a sad week in Winnipeg, as we know this is the Jet’s final hurrah for this season. Though we couldn’t come out on top with a playoff spot snatch we did prove we were the best of the rest. Well almost. Maybe next season we can get some sort of jet fuel back and blow through the season and conquer the much needed and important road games, this year they were handed to us royally!

And with the notable poor defensive techniques exemplified by big bad Dustin Bufyglien with the Winnipeg Jets to date, let’s hope he stays on the straight and narrow and doesn’t get into too much trouble on his boat this summer. We need him in better form next season, this year he just didn’t cut it!

It is amazing… that even with our support and fanatical display of ‘Jet Love’, the Jets finish almost in exact place as the Atlanta Thrashers did last season! Coincidence? Possibly. Or maybe they are getting a little too comfortable in the Peg where they can do no wrong and are hailed 24/7.  Either way we know that Winnipeg is happy to have the Winnipeg Jets back here where they belong.  They need to do better next season whichever way you spin it. And they will!

With the Jets’ off-season about to commence, signing marquee players will be key to Jet’s success. Let’s trust that GM Kavin Cheveldayoff knows what’s best for the team and keeps the very talented Kyle Wellwood around, as he managed to get his personal high scoring points this season with 47 points.  Though he broke his left foot after last Saturday’s game against the Tampa Bay Lightning for which he can thank Grant Clitsome for, he will be a high commodity come next season. I’d like to see him stay.

We know Jim Slater will be heading the 3rdline checking unit with his record of 17 pts in 72 games when the Jets hit New York, and then home for their final game. Volunteering a lot of his down time to ‘take Jimmy to work day’, we can assume he’ll be pulling no stops when his skates hit the ice Saturday night against the lightning.

Hitting the one and only Steven Stamkos Saturday night; even though he has one of the leading records in the entire league with 58 goals this season, the Jets have still managed to one up them as they sit in 11th spot behind us in the Eastern division.  Let’s keep em there!

Jets will go out with a bang at the MTS centre this Saturday night in their last match up of the season. Win or Lose, Winnipeg will be praising the team here at the MTS centre where there will be a deafening spectacle of admiration for the team Jet’s fans just can’t seem to live without.

Let’s take it down in the Peg for the last show.

Game on!

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  1. Not-A-Fan

    April 6, 2012 at 10:40 am

    I have read enough of your two-bit blogging to know that you obviously don’t follow hockey.  Sorry to bring you up to speed sweetie but Florida is making the playoffs as of last night when the Buffalo Sabres lost to Philadelphia.  Do your homework so the 7 of us that read your garbage only wince at your poor grammar and not at your complete lack of journalistic skills.  Stop sleeping with the players and take the time to research and write like a professional…we’d settle for writing like an adult at this point but expectations aren’t very high for you.  Seriously though, do us all a favor and quit your day job. 

  2. Abe

    April 7, 2012 at 8:52 am

    The fact that Winnipeg fans stepped-up to the plate…..actually JUMPED up to the plate for this team this past year is impressive to say the least.  Sure – there is disappointment amongst Jets fans right now, but in the end that support and appreciation for our team will prove to help launch and propel the success of our players as a team going forward.  To expect the Jets to go all the way in their first year back is like expecting Bambi to walk as she takes her first steps.  This team needs time to build the synchronicity, timing, and commraderie that other teams in the league have had years to build. We can only look forward to what the next season will bring.  This team has revived our city and brought the citizens of Winnipeg together like nothing before.  

    Whoever “not-a-fan” is, maybe get a job or a life or something… obviously have too much time on your hands.  

    • Not-A-Fan

      April 7, 2012 at 1:38 pm

      You obviously are too stupid to understand where my comment was directed.  Love the Jets.  Love em to death and their season was awesome no matter what anyone says.  So get off your effing high horse and read what I wrote.  It’s at the “author”, a term very loosly applied to her amateur literary skills.  I like how you translated me commenting into unemployment or an absence of a social life.  Effing pathetic…just like the writer of this blahhhhhg.  I am sitting comfortably at work and came across this **** and felt like speaking my mind…ironically, on a blog website which is exactly what they are designed for.  So if you can’t appreciate my honesty, regardless of how blunt it is, then don’t read it and write another monologue about how you want to ass bang the citizens of Winnipeg for their undying support which no one has ever questioned.  You’re officially a weirdo.


  3. Abe

    April 7, 2012 at 1:54 pm

    Meet me at the monkey bars – 20 minutes.  Too bad yo’ mama can’t fight worth ****

    • Not-A-Fan

      April 8, 2012 at 10:16 am

      HAHAHA…sure buddy.  I don’t think that’s a mistake you want to make.

  4. Winnipeg WhiteOut

    April 7, 2012 at 6:24 pm

    We do not accept profanity in our comments or taunting. You are welcome to discussion and an opinion on the story, however harassment of our contributors will not be tolerated further, especially while hiding behind an alias.

    If you wish to provide constructive feedback to ANY of our contributors, please feel free to do so via the contact page found in the main navigation menu.

    Thank you, however for reading. Hopefully you find benefit in some our stories. If not, feel free to move on.

    • Not-A-Fan

      April 8, 2012 at 10:14 am

      Who’s hiding behind an alias now Winnipeg Whiteout?  Not my fault you hire illiterate wanna-be journalists.  Just ban my ip adress from your site if you want to keep me out.  That’s your right.  Mine is to voice my opinion which includes, but is not limited to, your poor choice in incompetent, back-alley writers.  Pretty pathetic that you use the word harassment too by the way since the cornerstones of REAL journalism are truth and freedom of speech. There is no ill-will or messages of hatred, simply an opinion that high school language arts writing skills, zero hockey knowledge and sub-par grammar skills are rampant in this article. 

      In other words…I’ll move on when I’m good and ready.

    • Not-A-Fan

      April 8, 2012 at 10:19 am

      PS – Look up the definitions of profanity and taunting.  Clearly you don’t know what they mean.

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