The Future is Coming Soon To A Rink Near You

Nikolaj Ehlers is the next one. This Great Dane as he is often referred to in his early hockey career could be the greatest Dane of them all. There is Lars Eller for Montreal he is a Great Dane, then you have Janik Hansen he also is a Great Dane, then you have…the rest of the team who are just average muckers. If he wears number 8 he could be a Great Eight Dane. All that aside, lets just hope that the grand opening that saw many many Jets prospects this past week in the rookie tournament is hopefully a foreshadowing of what the Jets future will look like. But the more pressing question is can the Winnipeg Jets be great right now, or do we need to exercise more patience. Many of the Jets high end prospects during the rookie games possessed qualities fans are longing to see: skill, talent and a combination of the two.

The over whelming favourite right now to take that leap onto the Jets roster is young Josh Morrissey. With a floundering lack of skill and mobility on the back end, this World Junior talent , is full of hope leading up to Jets training camp. Josh will put pressure on Jets management and will certainly try and slot himself in, as he battles with the likes of Pardy, Ellerby, Postma and Clitsome for a spot. With respect to the players up front, much of the Jets offence is already solidified. This in turn, will make it difficult for Ehlers, Petan, Lowry and Lipon to crack the roster. The Winnipeg Jets fans enjoyed briefly sipping from the fountain of youth last year when they witnessed the dazzling pizazz of Trouba and Mark, and you can expect that if  this team starts going south, they will be wondering where the management be hiding that fountain. Do the Jets want these skilled players to suffocate on a fourth line role? Although Lowry and Lipon would likely succeed and fit the bill, highly skilled players like Petan and Ehlers will have to wait before a more conducive role becomes available.

Paul Maurice was adamant at the end of last season that individual fitness levels needed to rise in order for the Jets to rise. Everyone is supposedly in better shape. Will a stronger fitness level increase productivity for the Jets? I don’t think so personally. Big Buff has tried on so many pant sizes over the years, year after year he still comes out and looks very Buff. Maurice is also adamant that this will not be grounds for development what’s so ever, and that if players are going to be inserted they will be able to apply and supply the team with there capabilities. They will also understand the team structure that Maurice is teaching at this moment. This increases the unlikelihood that many of the Jets young guys will crack the roster? I Peg this team a Winner this year, now whether they will make it to the land Cheveldayoff promised is up for grabs. A lot of hockey pundits believe the Jets will finish last place in the division. The last place I would want to be is in the company of these people. It’s time for the Jets to put these ladies and gentlemen on ice.

Wowww!! I heard a voice the other day say to me, you are really filling up on carbs, are you running a marathon tomorrow or something. Just a hockey marathon what’s your name? I am right now in the midst of preparing my body to take the shape and contours of my couch. Lets all be Blue and White.

Go Jets Go.

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